There was a time when good service and a smile went a long way. It’s no longer enough to just serve your members when they’re in front of you: now you must anticipate needs before they get to your office to stay competitive. Successful credit unions know that a core system providing only basic functionality won’t cut it.

That’s why Sharetec developed a robust, far-reaching core data processing solution with integrated functionality that other systems attempt to accomplish through static interfaces to third party products. Our approach has been to deliver advanced, simple-to-use products that flow seamlessly for the user, eliminating the frustration produced by less cohesive systems.

Your members have come to expect excellent service – why not surpass expectations? Our integrated design will enhance the performance of your staff, leading to better service, lower costs and greater growth.

Being from the Midwest, it is a joy to work with such high quality people with similar core values. Sharetec continues to avoid the big corporate culture found with many other vendors - bigger is not always better. Randy McElwee - Gale CU

2021 CustSatResults
Customers rated Sharetec a 9.37 out of a possible 10 for 2021.