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Your lenders require accurate data, clear standards, and an efficient application process to function effectively. The Sharetec Lending Workspace’s data tracking tools and decision screens are its main strengths because they put all the right information in the right place at the right time to simplify decisions and track changes. It’s the logical choice for anybody seeking to make complicated things easier.



Sharetec’s Lending Workspace is an online solution that helps you manage and monitor your lending processes. In addition, it offers a range of features to streamline your workflow, including:

  • Apply Online: Our new Online Member Services software enables members and non-members to apply for loans through their credit union’s website or even the application!
  • Automated Lending:  Speeds up the decision-making process by automating tasks such as credit checks and income verification.
  • Charge-Offs: Sharetec keeps track of a member’s charge-off status, including the loan number, balance, doubtful percentage, doubtful amount, officer, loan type, reason, and any notes. If a recovery payment is received for this loan, you may use the transaction screen to apply it to the obligation in the same way as any other payment.
  • Collections: The Sharetec collections system streamlines the process by which collectors manage member-level delinquencies. All relevant information about a given customer is displayed in one queue, including delinquent loans, credit cards, and negative share accounts.
  • eDocuments: eDocuments combine the advantages of physical and electronic documents, combining the best of both worlds. Customers may sign an electronic signature pad to create a tamper-proof, digitally stored PDF file accessible at the click of a button.
  • Escrow Analysis: The Escrow Analysis process generates member statements for all future transactions, including all deposits to escrow for loan payments and disbursements from escrow for taxes and insurance payments, during the analysis period.
  • Home Equity Processing: Automatically calculates the new payment amount and the effective date for each loan, providing your staff with a chronological online history of every payment and rate change.
  • Indirect Lending: Sharetec tracks disbursed and denied loans for each dealer, updating loan counts and amounts. Sharetec automatically produces a statement for the lender if a previously denied loan is approved.
  • Mortgage Servicing: Mortgage servicing is built into the Sharetec core platform. Loans of any duration, including simple 365-day loans and more complicated 360-day loans, as well as balloon loans and escrow accounts, are hassle-free.
  • Relationship Pricing: With Relationship Pricing, we automatically lower fees and loan rates and raise dividend rates for our most active members who use more of our services.
  • Risk-Based Pricing: Adjust a borrower’s interest rate based on risk level using Sharetec’s automated pricing module. Based on the loan type, staff may develop risk price adjustments that are automatically applied.

Sharetec’s Lending Workspace is the perfect solution for credit unions looking to streamline their lending processes. Contact Sharetec today to learn more about how our Lending Workspace can help your institution.

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