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All the tools your employees need to handle daily transactions and tasks are now combined into one easy-to-use interface. They can work more quickly and accurately with access to several automated tasks and cross-selling opportunities. As a result, your credit union will run smoother and more efficiently overall.

Member Services2

Member Services

Sharetec services include:

  • Business Accounts: Our financial services are designed for small to mid-size companies and include value-driven features such as sweep accounts, special fee structures, daily balance requirements, and item tracking. In addition to the usual credit union benefits of lower fees and competitive deposit rates, your business members will appreciate the convenience and security of our online banking system.
  • Cash Dispenser: Counting cash for members, which is time that can be better spent listening and engaging with them, is turned into time spent listening and interacting with them by cash dispensers and recyclers. This easy method allows you to enhance your customer service while providing value to member connections.
  • Cash Management: Including Teller Cash Inventory (TCI), which streamlines teller cash operations and allows you to focus on delivering outstanding customer service.
  • Check 21: With the proliferation of digital devices, Checks 21 is a must for any business that still relies on paper checks. This service speeds up check processing by allowing you to capture check images and data electronically.
  • Core Check Images: This service allows you to view check images online, eliminating the need for paper copies.
  • Courtesy Pay: Also known as “bounce protection,” this service protects your members from the consequences of an occasional overdraft.
  • Credit Cards: We offer a variety of credit cards that can be tailored to meet your business needs.
  • Cross-Selling: Our cross-selling tools allow you to identify products and services that your members may be interested in and offer them the opportunity to purchase through your credit union.
  • Driver’s License Identification: We offer a driver’s license identification solution that allows you to quickly and easily verify the identity of your members.
  • Document Manager: This service provides a secure online repository for all your business documents.
  • eDocuments: Our eDocument solution allows you to send and receive documents electronically, eliminating the need for paper copies.
  • eReceipts: With our eReceipt solution, you can send receipts to your members electronically, saving time and paper.
  • Offline Processing: This service allows you to continue processing transactions even when your network is down.
  • Safe Deposit Box: Our safe deposit box service provides a secure place to store your valuables.
  • Starter Checks: We offer a variety of starter checks that can be tailored to meet your business needs.
  • Training Database: Our training database allows you to track employee training and development.
  • Ultimate Checking: Our Ultimate Checking account is designed for businesses with high transaction volume and needs unlimited check writing and remote deposit capture.

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