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Sharetec Velocity

Our web-based core is bigger and better than ever.

Shartec Velocity, our web-based core, ensures that your credit union has a best-in-class system that will boost operations, accelerate the member experience, and increase retention.

Sharetec Velocity

Meet Velocity

As your true partner, you help shape our product roadmap. You're at the core of it all! We are constantly upping the game and trying to make credit unions' operational experiences better with our bold web-based core, powerful technology, and caring support.

scalable capacity

Scalable Capacity

With Velocity, size doesn’t matter. Whether it’s unlimited branches, members, or assets, software is scalable and can be sized up or down.

Modern Interface

Modern Interface

Velocity boasts a clear and modern interface with alert capabilities and an easy-to-use navigation system. Plus, completely control security throughout the system to determine & customize user accessibility!

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Interactive tools that include data mining, visual data displays, dashboards, analytics, and operational data to support comprehensive reporting for users.



Enhanced member features and online
services make Velocity easy to navigate and use!

Fully Web-Based

With a secure connection, Sharetec Velocity can be accessed anywhere & from any device. From your credit union desktop, your tablet, or a laptop at home, Velocity is 100% portable.


An Open API

Velocity integrates with all the leading third-party vendors that your credit union needs to leverage to drive your CU operations and the member experience.

  • Seamless integration
  • One password, one User ID
  • We eliminate the need to log into multiple platforms

With our Open API, you ONLY need to log into Sharetec.

Open API

An Integrated CRM

Sharetec Velocity has CRM and collaboration built right into the platform when you utilize Sharetec Notebook, a Velocity product that enables you to identify tasks for follow-up easily, view updates on team member tasks, and more!

Integrated CRM

Notebook CRM

Collaboration Built into The Core

With Sharetec Velocity, Sharetec’s powerful web-based core, your CRM and collaboration are built directly into the system with Notebook. Better manage your tasks, time, and team with Notebook (and finally get the collaboration tool you’ve been seeking!)


Seamless Integrations

Sharetec Velocity’s Open API allows you access to the ancillary products and services your credit union needs, including:

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