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The Sharetec back office solutions offer a variety of features that streamline processes, increase productivity, and add value to member relationships. These solutions are designed to help credit unions provide a better experience for their members.

We know the importance of providing fast, accurate information to our credit union partners. That’s why we’ve developed various back-office solutions to make your job easier. From automated processing to interest refund tracking, Sharetec has the tools you need to keep your credit union running like a well-oiled machine.


Back Office

Here are just a few of the back office solutions we offer:

  • Automated Month End:  Sharetec’s Automated Month End solution streamlines the month-end close process, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Automated Processing:  Sharetec’s Automated Processing solution helps you quickly and easily process routine transactions, freeing up staff to focus on member relationships.
  • Bonus Dividend:  With Sharetec’s Bonus Dividend solution, you can offer members a higher dividend rate when they maintain a certain balance in their account.
  • Debit Card Round-Up:  With Sharetec’s Debit Card Round Up solution, members can round up their debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference into their savings account.
  • FileBound:  Sharetec’s FileBound solution helps you securely store and manage member documents, freeing up valuable storage space and making it easy to find documents when needed.
  • Fraud Alerts:  Sharetec’s Fraud Alerts solution helps you quickly identify and resolve potential fraud cases, protecting your credit union and your members.
  • Sharetec’s Interest Refund: Sharetec’s Interest Refund solution allows you to track and refund interest overages to members, ensuring they always receive the full benefit of their account.
  • Patriot Act:  Sharetec’s Patriot Act solution helps you comply with the requirements of the USA PATRIOT Act, protecting your credit union and your members.
  • Remote Backup:  Sharetec’s Remote Backup solution helps you protect your credit union’s data with secure, off-site backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Shared Branching:  Sharetec’s Shared Branching solution allows members to conduct transactions at any participating credit union, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

If you’re looking for a back office solution that will make your job easier, look no further than Sharetec. Contact us today to learn more about our back office solutions or request a demo of our software.

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