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Your members are looking for something new to compete against all the competition. Sharetec’s eServices provide cutting-edge technology to help you interact with your members beyond the confines of your credit union.

With eServices from Sharetec, you can offer your members a wide range of services that are convenient, easy to use, and available 24/7. From online banking and mobile banking to online member enrollment and credit card single sign-on, Sharetec’s eServices give your members the tools they need to manage their finances on their terms.

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With Sharetec, you can offer your members the following eServices:

  • Online Banking: Members can access their accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobile Banking: Members can use their smartphones or tablets to check their account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and more.
  • Online Member Enrollment: Members can easily sign up for membership online.
  • Credit Card Single Sign-On: Members can securely access their credit card information with just one login.
  • eNotices: Members can receive important account information and notifications electronically.
  • eAlerts: Members can set up alerts to monitor their account activity and balances.
  • Auto-Enrollment: Members can be automatically enrolled in Sharetec’s eServices when they open a new account.
  • Internet Banking:  Members can bank online using Sharetec’s secure, user-friendly interface.
  • Online Payment Services: Members can make one-time or recurring payments online.
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM): Members can track their spending, budget their finances, and more.
  • Remote Deposit: Members can deposit checks remotely using their mobile device.
  • Remote Signatures: Members can sign documents electronically from anywhere.
  • Target Marketing: Members can receive targeted marketing messages based on their account activity.
  • Telephone Banking: Members can access their account information by phone.





With Sharetec’s eServices, you can give your members the freedom to manage their finances how they want. And because Sharetec’s eServices are fully integrated with our core platform, you can be confident that your members’ data is safe and secure. So why wait? Give your members the eServices they are demanding through Sharetec. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your credit union to the next level.


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