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March 7, 2024

Member Security: 3 Ways Sharetec Helps Protect Their Finances

Member Security: 3 Ways Sharetec Helps Protect Their Finances

Credit unions are all about “people helping people,” and that includes providing tools to ensure member security. Does your credit union core have what it takes to keep your member information safe?

At Sharetec, we have several solutions that help protect your membership’s finances. Here are a few examples:

Secure Digital Banking

Most people do at least some of their banking online, whether from their home computer or their cell phone. With Sharetec’s eServices, your membership can securely access their financial information anytime, anywhere.

Having 24/7 access to account information can mean the difference between spotting fraud when it happens and learning about it the next day during credit union business hours. If a member questions a recent purchase, they can log in to their account immediately to see if the money has come out and make sure they weren’t overcharged.

eNotices and eAlerts

Sharetec offers a variety of eServices, from Credit Card Single Sign-On to Remote Deposit. Not only do these services provide members with convenient access to financial information, but they also provide an extra layer of member security.

With eNotices, members can receive important account information and notifications electronically. With this resource, members can compare monthly withdrawals and balances to easily spot inconsistencies and potential fraud.

In conjunction with eNotices, eAlerts allow members to set up alerts to monitor their account activity and balances. For example, if a member wants to know any time a withdrawal larger than $300 comes out of their account, they can set up an eAlert. Similarly, if they want to be notified when their checking account balance falls below a specific amount, they can set that up!

Fraud Alerts

Along with all the other back office offerings your CU needs, such as Automated Month-End and Processing, Sharetec also provides Fraud Alerts.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), bank transfers and payments accounted for the highest losses in 2023 fraud cases. Sharetec’s Fraud Alerts solutions help you quickly identify and resolve potential fraud cases, protecting your credit union and your members.

While eNotices and eAlerts help members safeguard their own finances, Fraud Alerts provide your credit union employees a means of ensuring member security.

With all of these tools and more at your fingertips, your credit union and your membership can work together to decrease fraud and improve overall member security. Learn more about what Sharetec has to offer by visiting Are you ready to see us in action? Contact us to ask any questions or schedule a demo today!

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