A core processor specifically built for your credit union's success.

In today’s competitive financial industry, many credit unions are being outspent by big banks and fintechs, which in turn prohibits them from both serving their members efficiently and providing the self-service tools members expect. Essentially, their technology tools are holding them back.

That’s where we come in. Sharetec is innovation-driven and customer-centric, providing you, your team, and your members with the latest in core processing and unparalleled service. Your members get what they need when they need it, and your staff gets more face time with members – instead of babysitting a legacy system. We help take credit unions to the next level, and in turn, help the financial lives of your members improve.

We are bold, agile, and creative in building progressive software technology for credit unions in today’s changing digital space. Our affordable solution is also loaded with unique, cutting-edge features and highly desirable integrations that make us stand out from the crowd.

The Sharetec Story

In 1993,  four independently-owned credit union software distributors were all asking themselves a few questions: are credit unions being satisfied by their current core & are their needs – and their members’ needs – really being addressed? Their solution was straightforward: form a partnership and develop an uncomplicated yet robust data processing solution for credit unions. The result? Sharetec.

These four partners decided they could now successfully offer credit unions one of the best credit union products and continuity plans in the industry, as well as unsurpassed sales, service, and support for their product.

But times – and demands – change. And eventually, it was time for the structure of Sharetec to evolve. Operating as four individual companies would not allow the companies to be strategic and synergetic enough to meet the needs of partners and prospects.

Fast forward to 2020, and enter Evergreen Services Group, a private equity firm that acquires technology companies and supports their growth over an indefinite hold period. From 2020 to 2022, Evergreen acquired all four Sharetec companies, forming one Sharetec. The Evergreen acquisition has positioned Sharetec for exponential growth – as Evergreen focuses on investing in the growth and development of its companies, employees, and culture. The legacy of the original four Sharetec companies will not only be upheld but will thrive.

Please contact us if you're not entirely satisfied with your current system provider or if you are interested in moving to a fully web app system. At Sharetec, we focus on improving customer-facing experiences so that your credit union can become your area's top choice for financial services. 

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