Sharetec was formed in 1993 by four regional partners: Bradford-Scott Data Corporation, Data Systems of Texas, GBS, and Northern Data Systems. These partners' specialists handle research and development, sales, marketing, and client service. In addition, Sharetec maintains a national software development center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our highly trained software engineers, quality assurance staff, and documentation experts help the partners develop the Sharetec product.

Fast forwarding to 2022, Bradford-Scott Data Corporation acquired the other regional partners' Sharetec interests, resulting in one company of 200 employees serving over 280 credit unions across five offices in the US. This collaborative team helps credit unions and their members grow and thrive.

Over the last decade, Sharetec has been a leading supplier of new system installations and one of the most popular credit union software packages, with over 280 credit unions currently using our solutions. Sharetec serves its clients by offering cutting-edge, bold technology and exceptional caring customer service. V10, our TRUE online core software for credit unions, is being released by Sharetec as the industry's leading web-based core platform.

Over the previous three years, Sharetec has invested a lot of money and resources into infrastructure and personnel, adding new people to every department. Therefore we've added 50 more credit unions to the Sharetec family over the last three years. We believe technology should be bold and innovative. So, we make it easier for you to serve your current members with new products and services while also evolving and improving with you to attract new members, especially in the younger demographic.

Please contact us if you're not entirely satisfied with your current system provider or if you are interested in moving to a fully web app system. At Sharetec, we focus on improving customer-facing experiences so that your credit union can become your area's top choice for financial services. We hope to hear from you soon!

Introducing V10 and its newest features!