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March 19, 2024

Spring-Clean CU Operations with Notebook CRM

Spring-clean CU Operations

It’s finally spring, and we’re all looking to do a little spring cleaning! If you work at a credit union, this is a great time to spring-clean your CU operations with Notebook CRM, built directly into Sharetec Velocity!

Discover how Notebook can help your credit union collaboratively conquer tasks, provide quick member service, go paperless, and have organized access to information.

Assign and Conquer

There is no need to worry about tasks being left behind to create a mess! With Notebook, you can keep your team informed on member updates, assign tasks, and set up alerts for urgent items. Sharetec Notebook eliminates traditional notification systems that could add clutter to both your digital and physical desktop (think sticky note reminders and Teams messages about an urgent member issue!) Tasks can be quickly assigned to other members of your credit union right within the core. With the click of the mouse, you can also add urgency levels, all of which will pop up as notifications within assignees’ Velocity instances.

Make collaboration among CU team members easy by bringing member relationship management into the core itself!

Quick, Clean Service

When your member calls with an inquiry, the last thing they want to do is spend 10 minutes explaining what’s going on. With Notebook, you have access to a snapshot of a member’s financial history. You can easily discover what’s happening and start working on what’s important – cleaning it up!

You also do not want to create a hassle or mess for members if you have multiple branches. With Notebook, your team members have access to the same member information, no matter how many branches you have (and if you only have one right now, don’t worry. Velocity scales). You can create a clean, despite what branch they visit or what Member Representative they interact with.

Paperless = Less Mess

We all know paper documents take up a whole lot of space. Searching through filing cabinets is also not a quick or efficient way to operate. With Notebook CRM, you can go paperless without having to purchase an additional solution.

Your credit union can store backup documents, including 5300 Report items, right within Sharetec Velocity. Important attachments can be added within Notebook, from both a member level and an employee level (dependent on your CU’s setting choices). Velocity replaces those clunky filing cabinets and becomes your repository for all important documentation you may need immediately.

Organized Access to Information

Just like when you clean your house, it’s not just about dusting, decluttering, and sanitizing. It’s also about organizing! Once you get it clean, you want to keep it that way. With Notebook CRM, you’ll have organized access to not only member information but also your Vendor Due Diligence!

Notebook can help you spring-clean CU operations by integrating to Sharetec GL, member information, call reports, accounting, and more! With its permission-based accessibility, your credit union can ensure access to information is only granted to those who need it.

Ready for a Deep Clean?

Are you ready to boost efficiency and spring-clean CU operations with Notebook CRM? Learn more by watching our Sharetec Velocity Notebook CRM demo,  contacting us, or reaching out to your Account Relationship Manager today!

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