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November 7, 2023

5 Ways to Instill an Attitude of Gratitude at Your Credit Union

Instill an Attitude of Gratitude

The month of November and the holiday season in general is a common time for people to reflect on what they’re grateful for. Not just a habit for one’s personal life and relationships, expressing gratitude in all scenarios can be quite beneficial. Here are some ways to instill an attitude of gratitude at your credit union.

1.     Say, Thank you!

It sounds simple, and it sort of is, but there is more to it than just the two words. When someone you work with does you a favor or simply does what was assigned to them, thank them! As the saying goes, people who feel appreciated always do more than expected. The more a person’s hard work and efforts get noticed, the more motivated they’ll be to keep working hard and impressing others. Also, an attitude of gratitude is contagious! When people feel valued, they usually want others to feel it, too!

Send a mass ‘Thank you’ email to your membership, just because! Remind them how grateful you are for their business and loyalty. If you haven’t already, be sure to have automated ‘Thank you’ emails sent out for membership anniversaries and new account openings.

2.     Give Back to Your Members

There are several ways to give back to your members, from the traditional holiday loan specials to financial education offerings to free goodies at the teller line. Find unique and fun ways to remind your members that you’re grateful for them! Here are some unique ideas you could begin implementing:

  • Is one of your business members holding a golf tournament or other event for a cause? Why not participate or donate to it?!
  • If one of your business members is celebrating a milestone anniversary, consider sending them a gift basket or even just resharing their anniversary announcement on social media, congratulating them and providing more traction for their post!

3.     Give Back to the Community

Credit unions are known for giving back in ways that benefit their entire community, not just their members. This can take the form of financial education programs in schools, fun outdoor events, or participation in annual fundraisers. Some credit unions make it a habit to donate to an important local cause every year, such as donating money to food banks or shelters.

4.     Show Gratitude Towards Your Staff

The most effective way to instill an attitude of gratitude at your credit union is by starting from within – with your staff! If you show appreciation toward your employees, they’ll show appreciation for their work, and the gratitude train will keep growing! You’ll increase member satisfaction due to more positive interactions, improve employee retention, and attract new talent by way of reputation.

There are a number of ways you can start showing more gratitude towards your staff. Here are a few ideas:

  • When an employee goes above and beyond, do a company-wide shoutout email. Let everyone know how impressed and grateful you are!
  • If an employee or a department at your CU works to earn you an award, be sure they get individual recognition. Perhaps offer a special paid lunch with the CEO!
  • Is it your employee’s work anniversary? How about instead of just saying, Happy Anniversary, you get them a $5 gift card to a coffee shop and a new Credit Union t-shirt.

5.     Make it a Habit

Gratitude takes practice and shouldn’t be reserved for just one section of the year. The holiday season is a wonderful reminder of the importance of giving thanks and should be used as a booster to your gratitude habit.

Show your members, the community, and your staff how grateful you are for them every day, and reap the benefits of instilling an attitude of gratitude!

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