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November 1, 2023

Promoting Credit Union Careers for National Career Development Month

Promoting Credit Union Careers for National Career Development Month

November is National Career Development Month, a time for students and already working adults to focus on their career goals. Here are some ways to observe this national designation and promote credit union careers.

Attend a Job Fair

Are you hiring? Sign up for the next local job fair! First, decide who will be representing the credit union, then be sure to gather as much information as possible about each open position. Be sure to bring copies of your benefits package, and don’t forget some swag! Even if a prospect doesn’t end up working with you, giving out a small gift will leave a positive impression. Also, whoever carries your branded pen or notebook is inadvertently providing you with free advertising.

Promote Within

Did a big position just open up at your CU? Be sure to share the news with your staff first! One of your employees may already have most of the necessary experience and training. What better way to foster credit union careers than to provide growth opportunities to your already loyal workforce? Your other staff will recognize the opportunity for growth, and the CU will likely see an improvement in employee retention because of it!

Participate in a Career Fair

Many schools hold career-centric events during National Career Development Month. Find out what schools within your field of membership are hosting career fairs. Ask how to sign up so you can promote the finance industry and credit union careers. Career fairs are how most youth first learn about the various work fields and opportunities available.

Offer an Online Q&A

We all know how busy credit unions are, but if you have the time, set up a Question-and-Answer (Q&A) event. Perhaps a long-time Lender from your institution would be up for the challenge! Promote interest in credit union careers such as lending, member service, accounting, or compliance. Getting to hear from a professional at your credit union will not only foster interest in the financial field but will also improve financial literacy within the communities you serve.

Provide Internal Training Opportunities

If you haven’t already, have your department managers subscribe to credit union training opportunities specific to their department. Encourage them to sign up for webinars whenever their schedule allows and to share these with other members of their department.  Supporting the growth and development of your staff should occur year-round, not just during National Career Development Month. Both your workforce and your credit union will benefit!

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