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October 11, 2022

Credit Union Increases Efficiency

Credit Union Increases Efficiency

Many credit unions are still struggling with outdated technology that must be updated in order to successfully and efficiently serve the changing demands of members. There is no question that for many credit unions, handling and processing checks can be a time-consuming task that should be more streamlined. Many credit unions manually scan these checks into a batch file and then send that file to the processor. This requires a staff member to be in the back office performing this task for an extended amount of time each and every day.

Well, Sharetec has a solution for that! Introducing Sharetec’s Teller Capture. Once installed, Teller Capture can streamline the batch check process. One credit union that took advantage of Teller Capture is Maine Family Federal Credit Union. Maine Family Federal Credit Union approached Sharetec and installed Teller Capture. This feature allowed the credit union to streamline their batch check process at the main office and the branch.

“The two major goals were to improve speed and accuracy with our check deposits,” stated Christine Clabby, COO at Maine Family Federal Credit Union. “Our new Teller Capture scanners are 99% accurate with picking up the information on the check. The old way involved one scanning machine, requiring an employee to add up the checks manually and scan them into a batch file. This was a very time-consuming process, typically taking a manager away for 1-2 hours a day. Now, this is all taken care of at the teller line, allowing the manager to focus on more important issues.”

Results of Using Teller Capture

By working with the Sharetec team, the credit union deployed 15 scanners between the main office and the branch location. Sharetec’s installation team automated the delivery of the X937 files to the items processor.

“Sharetec will always be on the cutting edge of credit union technology,” says Paul Stevens, VP of Sharetec. “Providing solutions to help our credit unions better serve their members is a top priority for us, and we will continue to broaden our suite of technology solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve.”

Teller Capture is just one example of how Sharetec understands the pain stakes of your credit union and offers real solutions that, not only help your credit union run more efficiently but also help serve your members better and faster. If Teller Capture is something your credit union would benefit from, don’t hesitate to ask your rep! Keep in mind, we are approaching Sharetec’s customer appreciation month with added discounts on our products and services! Don’t miss out!

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