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October 2, 2023

Celebrating Your Tellers During Teller Appreciation Week and Beyond!

Teller Appreciation Week

The first week of October is Teller Appreciation Week. As a credit union, you likely already observe this week by doing extra nice things for your tellers, but if you’re looking for ideas to celebrate Teller Appreciation Week, and to show your gratitude for these key players all year long, read the following tips!


Your members would love to know that it’s Teller Appreciation Week! Create eye-catching signs for the drive-thru windows and Teller Lines that announce what this week is. This way your members can give a special thank you to your awesome staff as they get their financial needs met! You could also create fun social media posts highlighting your tellers and even write up a press release about how you celebrated Teller Appreciation Week. Members enjoy knowing that their credit union shows appreciation, not only for them but for their staff as well!


Do all your employees know the names of your tellers? Well, they should! Tellers are your frontline staff, and are essential to keeping a credit union running smoothly. Take photos of your tellers in action, and send out a mass email with their names and how long they’ve been with the credit union. Show how proud you are of these hard-working employees! Be sure to give shout-outs throughout the year for individual and group accomplishments so tellers feel appreciated and other staff members can give out praise!


I mean, what teller couldn’t use some coffee? Why not get each of your tellers a $10 coffee shop gift card for Teller Appreciation Week? As a year-round thank you, consider supplying the coffee in the breakroom for your tellers, whether it be coffee pods or containers of ground coffee that they can help themselves to on breaks.


As your frontline staff, tellers should have a good amount of branded credit union swag. If they don’t, Teller Appreciation Week is a great time to amend that! If you already have lanyards or tumblers on hand, be sure to give them to your tellers. Could your staff use some new branded shirts? Let each of your tellers order a new shirt, paid for by the credit union. It’s a great gift that will keep giving all year while simultaneously advertising your institution!

Get Creative

You know your credit union culture better than we do! Every institution is unique, and it’s important to think about what your tellers like, want, and need to be content with their roles at your financial institution. Put something together to show your gratitude during Teller Appreciation Week, and keep your frontline staff in mind year-round!

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