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June 28, 2023

9 Social Media Tips & Ideas for Credit Unions

9 Social Media Tips & Ideas for Credit Unions

With over 300 million Americans using social media, it’s no wonder that marketing departments consistently add paid and unpaid social media campaigns to their strategies. And it’s not just marketing folks that have jumped on the social bandwagon. All businesses, including those without an entire marketing team, have embraced social media. So, shouldn’t your credit union?

Whether your credit union is seasoned in the world of social, or you’re just in the beginning phases and have set up your accounts, here are some of our top tips for getting your posts started (and building engagement!)

Invest in a social media management tool

Even if you’re only on one social media platform, a scheduling tool will save you time and energy – plus, most will provide you with a wealth of analytics to determine your successes and enhance your future posts. One of our favorite platforms to use is Hootsuite, as its cost-effective, has an easy-to-understand calendar format available, and provides AI options to rewrite your top-performing posts (which is excellent when you’re busy with members and don’t have time to keep crafting new content!).

Provide financial education “tips of the day”

Credit unions know that members seek more information surrounding financial education and literacy. And while your members may be getting some insight from your e-mail blasts or credit scoring tools, like SavvyMoney, social is a great place to feature quick tips and tricks. Some “tips of the day” on essential topics can include:

  • Budgeting 101 and ways to save for each generation (including Gen Zers), including the basics on how even to create a budget from scratch
  • Ways to increase your credit score now
  • How to pay off your student loans quicker
  • Tips on how you can invest and save for your retirement today
  • Descriptions of different types of loan options and which types are best for which members

Incorporate DEI into your social strategy

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is gaining tremendous momentum, and with the diverse makeup of credit union members, now is the time for DEI to shine. There are various topics your CU could feature, including what your credit union is doing to improve financial wellness for all or specific efforts your CU is taking in the community to work with specific demographics.

If you’re using images (which we highly recommend!) of your members and staff, or even stock images, ensure you include a diverse array of individuals. Your posts should resonate with your members and reflect who they are. Your tone, language, and context should also be inclusive.

Add video content to the social mix

Adding an image to your social posts is quicker, but your viewers will consume your messaging even more if it’s in video format. If your credit union uses the primary social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, sticking with short-form videos or posting stories will be your go-to. Create short, consumable videos – around eight seconds max – with a strong hook, background music, proper lighting, and even the faces of your team and members!

If you’re looking for more reasons to invest in video (for social or other purposes) or need other video ideas, check out our recent blog post on video content.

Stay on top of social media trends

Social media trends constantly change, so your credit union must stay on top of what’s in – especially if you’re targeting younger generations with your social efforts.

One of the best ways to figure out what’s trending on social is to view the platform. See what songs creators use, trending hashtags, and what topics they post about (even those silly TikTok dances!). “A Day in the Life” and “GRWM” (get ready with me) were two very hot post topics recently – and your credit union could have jumped on them by featuring “A Day in the Life of a Loan Officer” or “GRWM – Setting up the Teller Line.”  You can also check out websites like SocialMediaToday for more insight.

Add profiles of your team

Credit unions are first and foremost about relationships, one of the top differentiators between credit unions and banks. So, why not showcase who members will be forming relationships with? It’s quick to feature staff profiles on your social media. Just add an image, background on what the individual does at the credit union, and a few “fun facts” that humanize the employee.

Check out Sprout Social’s “Meet the Team” tutorial for more ideas.

Present member testimonials on your pages

Another fantastic post idea? Member testimonials. Word-of-mouth is a huge decision-making driver, so leverage the power of reviews and feature what your members say about you.

If you cannot survey your members for this purpose, you can recycle reviews already left online. Look at your Google Business Profile and see what five-star reviews – with comments – you’ve received. Use this on your social page with an eye-catching graphic.

Share posts from other local businesses

Again, credit unions are about relationships, people, and communities, so share other business content on your page. This helps to build your rapport with other businesses in the area and provides your followers with local content that would also be relevant to them. Sharing local posts is extremely easy to do! Follow neighboring business pages and keep an eye on local happenings and events. When you reshare, you can also add your thoughts, so you may want to indicate why you believe this post would be relevant to your target demographic.

Promote your products and offers

Your social media feed should not be a sales pitch; however, you can add some promotional messaging to the mix. If you’re featuring a great loan offer, highlight it! Are you looking to increase your digital banking app adoption? Include posts about the app, how easy it is to download, and the features of your app. While sales-centric posts can seem a little pushy, you can make them authentic by stressing how these products and promotions will help your members. Focus on the benefit your members will receive.

Want to see what your peers are doing “socially?” Review this list of the top 100 credit unions leveraging social media. Their engagement rates and followings are staggering and impressive – and their strategies may spark even more ideas for your credit union.

Social media is instrumental in reaching your current and prospective members – and is relatively cost-effective. Even unpaid efforts can yield outstanding engagement! If you want to learn more about social media and how your credit union can seize this opportunity, contact Sharetec’s Marketing Team at

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