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June 4, 2024

AAEC Credit Union Steps Up Its Core Game with Sharetec Velocity

AAEC Credit Union

AAEC Credit Union (CU), a Sharetec partner since 2021, has upped the core software game with Sharetec Velocity, its tools, and enhanced functionality. The recent upgrade to Sharetec Velocity 10.27 has left the credit union feeling thrilled and excited for the future, especially now that all core tools are in one spot. AAEC has already been feeling the positive effects of this upgrade.

Upgrading to Velocity 10.27 led to the following positive changes for AAEC CU:

  • Improved efficiency by having everything in one spot within Velocity. AAEC can now process transactions and perform accounting and lending tasks all within Velocity.
  • Decreased training time for new employees as they learn one system.
  • Access to cloud-based, user-friendly tools and data.

“The newest major upgrade to 10.27 with the implementations was fantastic,” stated AAEC CU President & CEO Rachel Noltner. “…The implementations team was so helpful in making us feel heard and making sure our experience was positive.”

AAEC CU looks forward to Sharetec’s direction with Velocity and is optimistic about the future. “I know there is so much more that I am not taking full advantage of, and I am looking forward to learning about these areas and seeing how I can utilize all of it,” exclaimed Noltner. “I am excited to dig into the metrics and Notebook. I think that will be hugely useful for us.”

Why Sharetec Velocity?

Sharetec prides itself on providing a tool that helps credit unions improve their product and service offerings. “Sharetec as a whole wants all the credit unions to succeed,” stated Noltner. “Remaining current and relevant is important in every area of our credit unions, so why wouldn’t we expect that from our core? That’s what we are seeing in Velocity with Sharetec.”

Sharetec’s web-based core ensures that your credit union has a best-in-class system that will boost operations, accelerate the member experience, and increase retention. Discover the many benefits of Sharetec Velocity today!

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