Customer Support

October 10, 2022

By Farbod Salman

The 2022 Sharetec User’s Conference held in beautiful Nashville, TN was one to remember. With record attendance and a program filled with great speakers, business partners, and educational breakout sessions, this conference has been, unofficially, voted the best user’s conference yet! While we all enjoyed our time in Nashville with all the great food and entertainment it is important to thank a few groups who truly made this whole thing possible.

First, we would like to thank all of our great business partners. This would not be possible without your participation. You all put on a great show and provided valuable information to all the Sharetec customers in attendance. For those business partners that had breakout sessions, we appreciate the valuable and actionable ideas that you have shared with all of us. To the other breakout session leaders, we want to thank you for your hard work and preparation to put on some of the best breakout sessions we have ever had at a user’s conference. The feedback has been tremendous and truly amazing. To all of the CU leaders and staff that took the time out of your busy lives away from your work and family, we thank you so much for joining us and the entire team at Sharetec was so happy to be able to see you all in person and network. Of course, the final thanks will go to the entire Sharetec team, most specifically our conference coordinator, Courtney Bowlin, who worked for over 1 year to make these 4 days the best possible. We want to thank you all for your hard work and making this the best conference yet!

We look forward to seeing all of you back next year in Savannah, GA and without giving out too much away, I can say it will be another one to remember! Thank you all again for being great partners and employees! That’s a wrap for Sharetec22 and preparation for Sharetec23 is already under way!

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