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October 17, 2023

Sharetec Provides Comprehensive Core Processing Features for Logan Cache Rich Credit Union

Logan Cache Rich Credit Union

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release 

Having a well-designed core that is continuously updated and improved upon is essential for credit unions to succeed. When searching for a new partner, Logan Cache Rich Credit Union (CU) had a list of expectations, and Sharetec graciously met them all!

Logan Cache Rich CU was looking for a responsive partner that provided top-notch customer service and support from a team that deeply understood their product and how to help answer questions. Sharetec currently boasts a 9.37/10 customer satisfaction rating due to its dedicated customer success team that provides timely and personalized service. The unparalleled level of support offered by Sharetec made them a great fit for Logan Cache Rich CU.

“We ultimately chose Sharetec because it had all the features we were looking for while being user-friendly,” stated Jordan Burdge, CEO of Logan Cache Rich CU. “The executive team spent time meeting with me on a call to address questions…they provided frequent communication without being overbearing,” added Burdge.

After meeting with several core processors and contacting referrals, Logan Cache Rich CU felt that Sharetec was the best choice for their credit union. A well-designed core, automated processes for back office, auto decisioning on loans, and cross-selling and Member Rewards opportunities were all features that their current core was lacking.

“Our cash recycler interface, ease of use of Velocity and ability to quickly complete transactions, dashboards, and streamlined collections package are just a few examples of the core offerings that led to Logan Cache Rich CU selecting us,” stated Sharetec’s Senior Account Executive, Carrie Heck. “Another significant feature was our reporting module,” added Sharetec Sales Manager, Grant Baker. “It was one of the ultimate decision-making factors for our partnership.”

Logan Cache Rich CU staff are most excited about the ACH processing, pre-made social media offering, and SavvyMoney. “Our membership being able to view and improve their credit scores so easily is going to be a huge benefit,” Burdge exclaimed.

“My experience with Sharetec has been amazing,” Burdge continued. “They are always responsive to emails and answer any questions. Everyone I have spoken to at Sharetec has been very kind and professional.”


Danielle Bucella

Director of Marketing


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