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August 2, 2016


PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, core technology made simple, announces CLICO Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited (CLICO) of Port-of- Spain, has made the decision to implement the Sharetec core processing solution.

CLICO, led by CEO Learie Parris, conducted an extensive international search to identify a forward-thinking core processing solution in order to meet the growing and changing needs of its membership and staff. Key areas of improvement included a stronger online presence to drive up the self-service channels for members through both the web and mobile platform, as well as custom reporting and increased automation in the back office to reduce costs. When the analysis of the RFP, demonstration, and pricing phase were complete, Sharetec was the clear solution that best met the credit union’s needs, which was further validated with an on-site visit to Sharetec. Additionally, Mr. Parris and his staff had the opportunity to meet many of the individuals involved in Sharetec’s implementation and development, all resulting in Sharetec being selected as the new core system for CLICO.

“In the months leading up to their decision, CLICO compared Sharetec to numerous other solutions and as each of the credit union’s needs and requirements were evaluated, Sharetec was clearly the best fit,” remarked Dan Miller, Regional Director at Sharetec. “The credit union knew they needed a partner that would not just meet their immediate needs, but also would have the vision of future needs, which is an area Sharetec excels. It was important that their new core system provide a streamlined online channel for members, and better analytic tools such as Sharetec Dashboards while putting it all in a user–friendly solution. We are thrilled to be partnering with the team at CLICO and look forward to being a part of their future growth and success.” CLICO has already made a successful conversion to Sharetec and are immediately seeing the impact with the efficiencies it provides for both members and staff.

For over 68 years, CLICO Credit Union has stood as a leader in the credit union industry. Located in Port of Spain, the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, CLICO employs 32 people and has assets in excess of $50 million USD. CLICO offers a wide range of flexible, cost-effective products and services at competitive rates to suit their approximately 6,000 members’ needs. Since its inception in 1946, CLICO has placed major emphasis on enhancing the quality of life for its members and continues to offer a broad range of products based on their demands.

About Sharetec
Sharetec, the fastest-growing core provider in the Caribbean, delivers a return on investment (ROI), builds income streams and lowers operating expenses for over 280 credit unions. Since its establishment in 1993, Sharetec has grown steadily, welcoming over 50 new credit union clients in the past 3 years.

Dan Miller
Regional Director

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