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October 5, 2023

Rocket Collector Natco CU

Rocket Collector Proves to be a Gamechanger for Natco CU

Follow up and knowing where an account is in the collection cycle is a common challenge for credit unions.  When searching for a solution, Natco Credit Union (CU) found the perfect fit with Rocket Collector. As a Sharetec partner, Rocket Collector integrated seamlessly into their core system, making it easy for staff to learn and implement.

The primary benefits Natco CU has experienced within the first 6 months of using Rocket Collector include:

  • Increased communication early in the delinquency cycle.
  • Reaching members effectively and efficiently.
  • Decreased delinquency ratios.
  • Fewer delinquent loans.

With Rocket Collector’s efficient automation process, Natco CU staff are now able to focus on having meaningful conversations with members to come up with solutions.  Each collector has a specific queue that they work from, making it easy to track what collectors are doing. Being able to see exactly where each member is in the queue, one collector can easily cover for another with all the member information at their fingertips.  This aspect alone has been transformational for Natco CU.

The perks of using Rocket Collector don’t end at streamlining the collections process. This product also provides topnotch service, with the team’s responsiveness exceeding Natco CU’s expectations every day. Whenever an issue arises, the Rocket Collector team works quickly to find a resolution that works best for them. The ability to customize all aspects of the collection process assures that emails, texts, and letters are always professional and timely. “This can be a gamechanger for your collectors,” stated Cindy Duke, CEO of Natco CU. “We love the solution and recommend that you try it!”

Providing a 360-degree view of customer debt, Rocket Collector offers advanced functionality, automation and insight to dramatically increase efficiency and reduce costs versus traditional methods and manual processes. Additionally, the solution is well-suited for a variety of industries and organizations—including credit unions, banks, debt collection agencies, attorneys, financial services, loan servicers, telecom/utilities and local government—and boasts a multitude of benefits and features.

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