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September 21, 2023

Rocket Collector Members First Community Credit Union

Rocket Collector Helps Organize Collections for Members First Community CU

The collections process for credit unions can be difficult to manage. With multiple employees working as collectors and various tasks being implemented, staying organized becomes a challenge.

Members First Community Credit Union (CU) needed a solution that not only streamlined collections, but also provided tools for the staff to be able to learn the process on their own. When deciding on a provider, the credit union based their choice on cost, ease of use, the ability to assign accounts to collectors, and the ability to use core information for member accounts.

Rocket Collector proved to be the best solution for Members First Community CU. Being able to easily work with data from their core, and contact members from the collection software – rather than having to use a different texting platform – made Rocket Collector stand out from the competitors.

“After we purchased the software, Sharetec made the implementation of Rocket Collector easy,” stated Members First Community CU CEO, Terri McEwen. “The team was willing to take our suggestions for our workflow and did their best to make it work.” An aspect McEwen particularly likes is the ability to see all accounts, as well as specific segments such as a certain collector’s work or all checking accounts.

“The speed of implementation exceeded my expectations,” exclaimed McEwen. “We noticed positive results immediately…. It’s an easy way to collect consumer loans and negative shares…Rocket Collector is a great overall collection tool that will make your collector’s jobs easier,” McEwen concluded.

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