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Remote Signatures Through Sharetec Proves Great Success for Credit Unions


Many Sharetec credit unions have experienced tremendous success with Remote Signatures, Sharetec’s innovative software that offers convenience, ease and simplicity to credit unions and members alike. Remote Signatures allows loan officers to electronically transmit loan documents directly from Sharetec to members for their electronic signatures, enabling credit unions to be anywhere their members need them to be.

Credit unions want up-to-date technology that not only saves them time and money, but also offers their members what they need. Kabir Laiwalla with Platinum Federal Credit Union comments, “We wanted members residing in different states to have the convenience of a concierge service and to stay relevant with the time and technology of attracting more members.”

Erica Volpe with Money Federal Credit Union expressed her concerns about having many of their members living far away from the credit union. “We have members in almost every state in the U.S., and some living abroad. Offering Remote Signatures was vital in keeping our members satisfied.”

Sharetec’s Remote Signatures offers credit unions and their members a solution that saves time and is convenient for all. Employees have access to all necessary loan documents without leaving their desk. When members can’t be there, they can sign their documents electronically from anywhere. 

Kabir Laiwalla continues, “We were mailing the forms to members and asking them to sign and notarize them, and then mail them back to us. This took a lot of time and effort, not only on our side, but also for the member.”

Erica Volpe adds, ”Being able to take a loan from application to completion, all electronically, makes the process tremendously convenient. Technology advances so quickly, and Remote Signatures allows us to remain competitive.”

Sharetec’s Remote Signatures has proven to be a smart solution for many Sharetec credit unions. Kabir Laiwalla shares how the software has positively impacted Platinum Federal Credit Union’s success with a few FAQs below. 

How secure is Remote Signatures?
“There is an electronic signature stamp that is attached to the e-sign documents that shows the IP address, date and time of the e-sign. Our staff also calls and verifies all the information, including the email on file, before we send out the e-sign documents.”

Which credit unions should be considering this solution?
“I believe every credit union should be looking at this solution. It is not only the members who are out of state that use this solution, but for any member that can’t be there. Since we started offering this option, members who live or work even two minutes away from our branch location can receive their documents electronically and e-sign them. It saves them time from the trip, and provides convenience.“

How would you rate the return on investment?
“We think the ROI on this product is very high, as our members are raving about this product and we are gaining a lot of business from referrals due to the convenience this product provides to our members.”

Sharetec’s Remote Signatures is a simple, convenient option for basic loan transactions that streamlines the lending process by enabling members to complete the lending process without stepping inside a branch. From the application to the approval of the terms, disclosures and add-ons, everything can be sent, signed, sealed and delivered electronically.