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September 19, 2023

How to Observe the 75th Anniversary of International Credit Union Day

75th Anniversary ICU Day


October 19th is just around the corner, and if you’re like most credit unions, you look for a unique way to celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) every year. Some institutions observe by volunteering, while others provide giveaways or special loan offers. With 2023 being a milestone anniversary year for ICU Day, consider taking your celebration to the next level! Here are some ways to celebrate your members and your employees for the 75th anniversary of International Credit Union Day.

1. Celebrate Your Members

This is a given; of course, you’re going to celebrate your members – on ICU Day and every other day, but how can you up the ante this year?

Send Personalized Thank You Emails

Ok, we don’t mean you have to write thousands of individual emails. Create a thoughtfully branded Thank-You email in observance of ICU Day, and direct the email to pull first names from your contact list to enter in the body of the email. This will give it an extra personalized touch, instead of simply saying “Dear Valued Member.”

Provide an In-Branch Gift/Treat

In your thank-you email, let them know you’re offering a special treat at the branch on October 19th. It could be popcorn, Halloween candy, or some fun credit union swag; the options are endless!

Offer an Anniversary-Themed Special

In observance of ICU Day’s 75th Anniversary, you could offer a high-dividend Certificate Special for 75 days, or offer a 15-month special at 3.75%, for example.

2. Celebrate Your Employees

Where would your credit union be without your awesome employees?! Make sure you celebrate your staff just as much as your members on International Credit Union Day.

Have a Potluck Lunch

Plan ahead and have your employees sign up for what they want to bring in on October 19th. Of course, be sure to provide a special treat from the credit union, too! (75th Anniversary cookies, perhaps?)

Do a Raffle

In observance of ICU Day’s 75th Anniversary, why not do a raffle for a $75 gift card giveaway, or 3? 😉

Give ‘Em Some Swag

Your employees like CU swag, too! Think about things they use on the regular, like lanyards, wrist coil key rings, tumblers, or Chapstick.

International Credit Union Day is all about celebrating what makes credit unions unique as financial institutions. With the “people helping people” ideology, it only makes sense to focus on your people – members and employees – on ICU Day! You can find more ideas for your ICU Day celebrations, as well as advertising resources, by visiting the Credit Union National Association website,

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