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May 8, 2024

Business team celebrating a good job in the modern office

Sharetec Welcomes Over 20 New Hires Since January 2024

In a continuous effort to be a bold, powerful, and caring core partner, Sharetec seeks only the most knowledgeable and talented candidates to join their dynamic team. Since the beginning of 2024, Sharetec has welcomed over 20 new hires, all with impressive backgrounds in fields relevant to their positions. As Sharetec continues to expand, the need for SaaS, core, and technology experience, as well as credit union tenure, has become more and more apparent and become key when vetting new employees.

As a core processing company geared specifically toward credit union operations, Sharetec understands the importance of hiring candidates not only for their experience but also for their character. A “people helping people” mindset and openness to innovation are key traits of a Sharetec employee. That is why many of Sharetec’s staff come from the credit union world! 

We are honored to announce the following newest members of the Sharetec team, including multiple internal promotions: 

  • Josh Hall – Director, Project Management Office
  • Sam Czerniak – Senior Project Manager 
  • Jessyka Galow – Receptionist 
  • Andrew Cappiello – Vice President, Professional Services 
  • Jordan Vasen – Controller 
  • Scott Greene – Director of Infrastructure and Security 
  • Shayla Maxwell – Implementation Quality Analyst  
  • Reed Adams – Hardware 
  • Sarah Platt – Growth Department Intern 
  • Jessica Joyner – Integrated Services Specialist 
  • Jonathan Bing – Business Analyst 
  • Mackenzie Hart – CSSA 
  • Teresa Carmouche – Core Services Specialist 
  • Tyler Radlick – Director of Software Engineering 
  • Dawn Gerber – Business Analyst 
  • Liz Sample – Core Services Specialist 
  • Sarah Feldner – CSSA 
  • Lilliana Powell – Integrated Services Specialist 
  • Eric Buchman – Director of Technical Services 
  • Marcus Booker – Customer Learning and Experience  
  • Nathan Billings – Infrastructure Engineer 
  • Michael Fouts – Infrastructure Engineer 
  • Tonya Williams – CSSA 
  • David Grant – Integrated Services Specialist 
  • Leah Dennison – CSSA 
  • Anna Rodgers – Integrated Services Specialist 

Many of these roles are fundamental in ensuring that Sharetec credit union partners win that multiple associates are needed to fulfill the position and responsibility. One such role is the Integrated Services Specialist, a key member of our Professional Services team who drives successful implementation, optimal functioning, and ongoing support of our core processing and digital banking software for credit union clients. They lead the end-to-end implementation process, which involves software installation, integration, configuration, and customization based on customer specifications. 

As the core of Sharetec is the core, the need for Core Service Specialists goes without saying. In this role, team members work directly with credit union customers, third-party vendors, and other Sharetec employees to address project and practical issues that can arise during the implementation of a new core system. A Core Service Specialist helps to guide new customers through the new system and ensures success during the implementation process. 

Another integral position to highlight is the Business Analyst, who must have an extensive understanding and background in technology, core processing, and the credit union world. Business Analysts analyze new products and enhancements and determine which should be designed and implemented for credit unions that use the Sharetec core.  

Sharetec continues to grow and is always open to meeting bold, powerful, and caring candidates. If you or someone you know is interested in the core processing, fintech, and credit union industries, we welcome you to visit our Careers Page 



This information is accurate as of 7/May/2024. However, specified information may change over time.

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