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November 2, 2023

Meridian CU Increases Financial Wellness for Members with Velocity

Meridian CU

When selected to participate in Sharetec’s Alpha Program, Meridian Credit Union (CU) was thrilled. With thorough training and support, Meridian CU staff were able to experience a smooth onboarding process whilst experimenting with Velocity.

Using Velocity led to the following positive changes for Meridian CU:

  • Increased efficiency due to ease of use and intuitiveness of workflows.
  • Reduced paper consumption due to e-notices and integration of e-signatures.
  • Decreased potential for compromised information with the elimination of paper receipts.

Meridian Credit Union CEO/CFO Josh Hall expressed satisfaction with the onboarding process. “Our onboarding experience was excellent,” he exclaimed. “This was due in part to the training videos provided at conversion and access to a Velocity training site comprised of the credit union’s actual data. This allowed staff to process transactions in a testing environment before going live, thus reducing mistakes that impacted the member.”

Being able to help steer the direction of developing a product credit union’s need was a driving force in Meridian CU’s decision to participate in the Alpha Program. “We considered it an honor to be selected from so many Sharetec credit unions,” expressed Hall. “Knowing that the work we are doing is helping to make the product better and getting to see our input, ideas, and suggestions come to life has been exciting!”

Why Sharetec Velocity?

A robust tool assisting credit unions in providing top-level products and services to members, Sharetec Velocity works to achieve the overall goal: increased financial wellness for members. “Not only is the technology great and continues to improve, but the people behind the technology understand the credit union mission,” stated Hall. “Without great people helping credit unions, the technology really doesn’t matter.”

Velocity, Sharetec’s web-based core, was created to position its credit unions on the right path for digital transformation. It will allow partners to move in the prime direction for member and operational success.

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