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May 20, 2024

Meet Our Team: Jessica Joyner

Jessica Joyner Integrated Services Specialist SharetecAs a credit union core processing leader, we must have more than just a fundamental understanding of the credit union industry. We need to be experts. And one of the ways that we build our expertise in this niche is by hiring top talent from the credit union world. Jessica Joyner, one of our newest Integrated Services Specialists, is a tenured credit union employee who brings with her front-line experience.

Jessica previously worked as a Head Teller for five years, and in this role, she was the first point of contact for all the members she did business with. As a Head Teller, she fine-tuned many techniques for listening and responding to member needs, which she can transfer to customer relations at Sharetec. Jessica greatly enjoyed helping solve member problems in a way that benefited everyone involved, upholding the values of bold, powerful, and caring.

So, how did Jessica end up at Sharetec? As a teller, she constantly interacted with core processing and was extremely interested in learning more about the systems she had used and how they functioned. At Sharetec, she can help build something with credit union partners – something that will help make credit union employees’ daily tasks and overall jobs easier “…and maybe even fun to do!”

Although Jessica is just getting her feet wet at Sharetec, she states that she’s ready to take anything on “…and plans to greet every challenge head on and give it [her] best to make sure [she does] the best job possible.” The ST team is ecstatic over Jessica’s enthusiasm and cannot wait to see what she contributes to the organization and her credit union customers.



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