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April 5, 2023

Maine Family FCU Extends Sharetec Partnership For Another Decade

Maine Family FCU Extends Sharetec Partnership For An Additional 10 Years

Maine Family Federal Credit Union, located in Lewiston, Maine, needed to make a decision about renewing with Sharetec or changing to another core to see which would be the better alternative to ensure their stakeholders’ needs were being met.

Ultimately, Maine Family FCU decided to continue the Sharetec partnership for an additional ten years, as Sharetec has been able to help the credit union achieve numerous goals in the past. Sharetec is vested in Maine Family FCU’s long-term success and is committed to providing them with unparalleled support and innovative technology for years to come.

“I found Sharetec’scommitment to modernizing their core was in line with the vision we had for Maine Family’s future,” said Dan Clarke, President and CEO of Maine Family FCU. “They have been a true partner of ours for decades, and I’m looking forward to the next decade, especially with their cloud-based version 10 software.”

Carrie Heck, Senior Account Executive for Sharetec, commented, “During the review process, it was very clear Maine Family FCU’s number one focus was to improve the member experience. Sharetec worked with their team to come up with a plan that would give them the tools they needed to be successful. We are proud to deliver an innovative, cost-effective solution that enables our clients more opportunity to succeed. Sharetec recognizes the importance of always improving and offering strategic objectives to enable our credit unions’ ability to better serve their members as we provide them with the high-quality integrations and products they deserve.”

Working diligently with credit union staff, Sharetec completed a timely Service Bureau conversion, which Clarke said he has seen take up to six months elsewhere. Sharetec completed the full conversion, including the completion of third-party connections, in less than 72 hours.


Maine Family FCU decided to review core systems to ensure the stakeholders’ needs would continue to be met, and there was not another core out there to offer them more opportunity to grow, as Sharetec has helped them do for more than 25 years as a partner.


After evaluating several proposals and other systems, Maine Family FCU makes the decision to stay with Sharetec Core.


• Sharetec’s Development of Velocity to support the credit union and their members
• Sharetec is in line with their vision for the future to achieve numerous goals
• Quick turn-around conversion and completion of third-party connections
• Under 72 hours, full conversion and third-party connections

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* Result experienced at Maine Family Federal Credit Union

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