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Meet your account holders where they are and accomplish more, faster.

Larky empowers financial institutions to connect with their audience in the right place at the right time, unlocking the communication barrier between you and your members. Shartec is excited to offer Larky’s new nudge program, integrated right into your credit union’s mobile banking app.


Why does your credit union need Larky?

Communication is different now. The typical member is only visiting a credit union branch four times a year, with Gen Z only visiting their credit union twice a year. You might think email is the way to go, but 80% of the population isn’t engaged by email communications. So reach your members where they always are…on their smartphone.

With Larky notification, you can:

  • Increase Deposits by offering unique incentives that are timely and relevant
  • Stop Fraud Events and educate account holders of new and emerging scams
  • Boost Card Usage and ensure activation in the critical 45-day window
  • Quickly Promote new financial products and services
  • Drive Loan Volume by becoming top of mind at the time of purchase
Communication is different now

About Larky

Sharetec cares about credit unions creating meaningful connections with their members. That's why partnering with Larky was an easy choice! Larky’s mission is to change the way we think about member engagement. By harnessing the power of tailored push notification messaging, we help credit unions deliver the right message to the right audience at the right moment.

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Increase Card Usage

Easily gain mobile card adoption & stay top of wallet as your account holders add your card to apple & google pay for all their digital transactions/

Secure Messages Icon

Send Trusted Messages

Unlike text messages or email, push notifications are nearly impossible to spoof and ensure that your account holders can trust the information they see.

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Attract New Deposits

Attracting deposits in this interest rate environment is no small task. Easily reach your members with promotions to your new CD rates or direct deposit bonuses.

Engage With Members The Way THEY Want

If you’re waiting for members to log in or visit a branch, you’re missing out.

Credit unions admit to having a digital interaction gap, while younger members will leave you for that very reason!

Source: BAI Banking Outlook Special Report: The Top Banking Trends and Challenges for 2022

Engage With Members The Way THEY Want

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

  • Get your members’ attention by using
    a secure and trusted channel they are
    already on – mobile.
    • Push notifications produce 7x+ more
    engagement than traditional
    • Grow sales of products and services
    and create meaningful, lasting
    relationships with members
Be Proactive

Segmented Push Notifications That Drive Engagement

Mobile Banking App


through your mobile banking app - nothing new to download



for maximum open rate and impact



deep linking, URL routing and more



user-level analytics



ad-hoc messaging and turnkey campaigns

Measure Results in Real Time

  • Tap rates and views easily seen from your dashboard
  • Edit campaigns on the fly based on real-time analytics
  • Get to know your audience through AB testing
Measure Results in Real Time

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Modernize the way you communicate with your members

Think about your future members and how they interact with the world. Don’t ask them to change. Change to meet them.

Contact your Sharetec Account Manager today and experience the immense benefits of Larky and Sharetec Velocity!


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