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September 14, 2023

Fond du Lac CU Converts to Sharetec for Their Top-Notch Technology & Service

Fond du Lac CU Converts to Sharetec for Their Top-Notch Technology & Service

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release 

Fond du Lac, WI – Sharetec, one of the fastest-growing leaders in the core processing space, has announced its partnership with Fond du Lac Credit Union. Upon extensive research and conversion, the Wisconsin credit union chose to convert to Sharetec’s core processing software.

When Fond du Lac began their search for a new core provider, they were unsure what features and functionality they were missing. Fond du Lac’s ultimate core goals were to serve their members more effectively, streamline their processes, and improve operational productivity. While Fond du Lac was evaluating multiple alternatives, the team at Sharetec diligently worked with the credit union to customize the core solution to address their needs and identify any opportunity areas.

Fond du Lac chose Sharetec for a multitude of reasons. Fond du Lac wanted to boost productivity, and Sharetec’s system had the most inclusive functionality compared to other systems. These features will help automate many of the credit union’s manual processes. “We wanted a partner that was not stagnant,” said Fond du Lac CU President, Scott J Roesch, AAP. It was essential to choose a technology company that invests in innovation, upgrades, and improvement, and Fond du Lac was drawn to Sharetec’s proactiveness and commitment to development.

“We ultimately decided on Sharetec for a few reasons…[and] last, but definitely not least, the communication and education provided by Carrie Heck and the Sharetec team has been top-notch,” stated Lorri Heimberg, VP at Fond du Lac CU, “They truly care about learning and providing what our Credit Union needs. We are looking forward to growing with them in the future.”

Sharetec’s dedication to being a caring partner does not end at the completion of the sales process, with the Sharetec team committed to working with Fond du Lac and all partners extensively post-conversion. This will help ensure that Fond du Lac can provide members with the best financial solutions possible, which has been one of its driving objectives since its inception in 1954.

“We’re thrilled that Scott and his team at Fond du Lac CU chose Sharetec as their new core provider,” exclaimed Senior Account Executive, Carrie Heck, “and we look forward to providing personalized and innovative services and solutions that will help their credit union win for years to come!”


Danielle Bucella
Director of Marketing

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