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November 22, 2022

Evansville FireFighters FCU New Core Software Has Paid for Itself

Evansville FireFighters FCU New Core Software has Paid for Itself

Evansville FireFighters FCU wanted to find a core system that would not only provide their members with modern services to compete with larger credit unions, but also help increase income for the credit union. Making the decision to switch to Sharetec has proven a great success.

“Our income went up by $17,000 once we canceled our contract with an outside vendor and started using Sharetec’s Courtesy Pay. This 26% increase has given us more opportunities to provide better services and support to our members. The benefits Sharetec has to offer has in turn helped pay for the cost of converting to a new system that most credit unions fear. This change has allowed us to reduce our staff by one employee, saving us over $37,000 per year. Upgrading to Sharetec was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only can we provide better support and service to our members, we continue to grow and improve productivity within the credit union every day.” Evansville FireFighters Federal Credit Union

“Some credit unions have been on systems so long, and are under false assumption that a cheap core system bill is doing them a favor. Where in fact, we have found that automation in today’s modern systems easily make up the difference and then some. New technology simply has ways to bring in more value and dollars to the credit union.” Michael Rucker, Account Relationship Manager for Sharetec

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