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October 10, 2022

Customer Appreciation Month September 26th-October 28th


We love our customers! Have we said that before? We exist because of you all, and we strive to provide you with the best products with the highest level of service. Our #1 goal is to help your credit union grow and thrive. With that, Sharetec’s customer appreciation month is rapidly approaching, are you ready? The customer appreciation month takes place from September 26th through October 28th. During this time, Sharetec customers can get 15% off software and/or hardware products if they attend the 2022 Users’ Conference (This does not apply to third-party products, custom programming, or labor). Don’t worry if you cannot attend the Users’ conference; you can still take advantage of 10% off any software and/or hardware product.

Do you ever scroll through your credit union’s ACH data to see where your members are spending their money? It probably doesn’t sit well when you see a loan payment going to another lender when you can offer the same loan at a better rate. Often credit union members have loans elsewhere simply because they are unaware that their credit union offers the same type of loans. This is where Sharetec’s ACH Explorer module comes in. Just like the ACH Explorer module, there are tons of other products that you can take advantage of while saving 15% during our customer appreciation month.

Thank You!

We just want to thank all our loyal customers who we view as true partners. The entire Sharetec team is proud to help you and your staff as well as members grow and thrive in your communities. For over 30 years Sharetec has been an innovative company offering bold technology and caring partnership. Our goal is to continue being the caring partner you have been used to, while offering the highest level of technology available in the market. We grow as you grow.

We want you to take advantage of these savings during our appreciation month so get in touch with your sales representative before time runs out!

By Farbod Salman

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