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October 10, 2022

By Farbod Salman

What we have seen happen is many credit unions struggle to offer more services to their members outside of borrowing money. The credit unions need a product that would increase checking accounts and encourage members to make the credit union their primary financial institution. One product is Bill payment capability, which has become a standard anymore. Many credit unions offer some sort of system that enables bill payment for their members but they are not always the best or user friendly.

Luckily, Sharetec has a solution for bill payment capability and that is through Allied Payment’s PicturePay® and P2P digital payment solutions. Not only are Allied’s solutions easy to use but they are also secure. Credit union members love the ease of using Allied Payment Network for their bill pay and person-to-person transactions. The adaptability to mobile offers them access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. This capability puts credit unions in great position to be the full-service financial provider that many members need and want.

One credit union that took advantage of this capability was Members First Credit Union out of Madison, WI. Jenny Kutz, VP of Operations for Members First CU, comments, “After seeing Allied Payment Network at Sharetec’s Users Conference, we knew we wanted to utilize its technology for our many members whose primary relationship with the credit union is auto and HELOC loans. We thought PicturePay® would be a great way to help push checking accounts to these individuals.” Jenny continue, “Implementing both of Allied’s services grew the number of members who use bill pay by 25% and, in turn, these members increased usage of their checking accounts. Additionally, transactions initiated though PicturePay® and P2P have increased approximately 50% compared to our previous bill pay provider.

PicturePay® technology allows members to pay bills and set up payees from their mobile phone by simply taking a photo of their bill. Allied’s P2P solution provides real-time person-to-person transaction speed, allowing recipients to accept payments through standard ACH or in real time to their debit cards.

Carrie Heck, Account Relationship Manager for Sharetec, comments, “Providing our clients more options when offering their members online  bill payment services helps our credit unions increase their online  banking interaction while keeping their members happy. Members are constantly looking for the latest tools to meet their financial needs and providing Allied’s convenient and easy-to-use payment solutions on the powerful Sharetec mobile platform, is a great win for our customers.”

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