Did you know...

Sharetec offers both In-House and Service Bureau systems?

Sharetec’s In-House System
There was a time when it was thought that if a credit union had an in-house system it must also have dedicated staff to maintain it. For some systems, this was true back then and still is today – but not Sharetec. The Sharetec System was designed from the ground up to automate tasks traditionally only available on service bureau systems. Sharetec automates so many redundant daily tasks that our customers are often able to shift staff focus to other more pressing and beneficial responsibilities.  If you like the benefits, control and flexibility that come with owning your own system, you should consider the Sharetec in-house platform.

Sharetec’s Service Bureau System
There is certainly an argument that can be made for employing a service bureau to host your core system. Staffing, security, backups, capitol, and servers might come to mind.  If these are your concerns, Sharetec has a Service Bureau designed to give you piece of mind while also lowering your initial investment. Our dedicated team of professionals will do the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on your membership.


Be sure to save Results reports on the Sharetec server instead of on a PC because you have assurance that your Sharetec server is backed up regularly.

“Jump” around in Sharetec using the “Jump To” drop down menu option. This feature allows you to use your keyword to search within a Workspace, Menu, or Action for any function that is available in Sharetec. To use it, go to Tools then Options at the top of any screen.

Cheat sheet for adding stop payments:

1. If the member knows the site id or name of where the item is coming from, mark ACH box, then fill in either or both boxes.

2. If the member doesn’t know the site id or the name for sure, mark the Validate Amount box instead of the ACH box.

3. If the item has cleared previously, change the status on the ACH/Payroll tab from “Active” to “Stop Payment”.

Would you like to decrease your expenses each month?

Offer your members a more efficient, faster and environmentally friendly way to receive their financial information, and in return you will save BIG money.

With Sharetec’s eNotices, members have easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to their account. Not only will they get information faster through eNotices than they would through traditional mail, your credit union can save big money on postage expenses, as well as additional savings from envelopes, paper, ink, folding and staff time.

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