Have you ever been disconnected from your core system?

Ever had a storm knock out connectivity of an office? If you are like most credit unions, when this happens, your tellers are manually writing transactions that they will have to key in later to the core system, or members are asked to come back only to find the doors locked since you had to close.

Sharetec now has the answer to solve these problems. Using Offline Processing, your credit union can continue to serve your members when conditions are not ideal.

What does this mean for your credit union and your members?

• Serve Members: Perform members transactions when the connection to the system is ever down.

• Reduce Possible Losses: Even in an offline environment, tellers will see the member’s balances, so not to give out too much cash.

• No Double Entry Later: Once a connection back to the Sharetec server has been established, tellers will be able to post all of their offline transactions back to the Sharetec server in a batch format, based on each user.


Your Credit Union members are being pitched by your competitors each and every week. Such fierce competition makes it more important than ever to know your members’ needs and to be aware of every sales opportunity. Yet short of a cold pitch, how can your employees successfully reach out to your members to make the sale? And how will they even know which members qualify for a particular product or service?

Sharetec’s Cross Selling feature can help your Credit Union rise above the competition and secure additional sales from your existing members. Sharetec simplifies the Cross Selling process by enabling staff to easily explain the products and services that you want to promote to qualifying members. When a member meets all of the predetermined criteria to qualify for a certain product or service, a Cross Selling window appears on the screen, alerting your staff of the opportunity. The Cross Selling prompt provides the employee with a customized script to follow, so there’s never any doubt as to what to say. Your staff will appreciate the ease of Cross Selling, and those compensated for their sales will enjoy the system’s trouble-free tracking feature. Sharetec carefully keeps track of each sale and promotion by user, so employees are sure to reap the rewards at bonus time.

Stop missing opportunities and increase your ROI with Sharetec’s smart and efficient Cross Selling solution. Your staff will be poised and empowered to take advantage of every Cross Selling opportunity, which can lead the way to increased sales and greater success for your Credit Union.

cleaning money

If you are like most Credit Unions, your staff routinely enters all of your members’ credit card advances and payments into your core system—and then again into the processor’s website. Most likely, your staff finds this process tiresome and in need of improvement.

Let Sharetec come to your rescue with Credit Card Sweep, a product that “clears the way” for improvement by putting an end to this repetitive process. Credit Card Sweep enables employees to simply enter a credit card advance or a payment like any other transaction—allowing them to be processed over the counter with ease in a single transaction. And at the end of the day, the Sharetec system “tidies up” the process by forwarding all of your credit card transactions in the form of an aggregated payment file to your vendor/processor. Clearly, this “sweeping” improvement has the potential to reduce errors while saving your staff valuable time to devote to other important tasks.

LKCS – Sharetec’s Perferred Statement Provider of Advanced Statement Solutions

LKCS provides Sharetec credit unions with the ability to handle off-site statement printing as well as the ability to embed targeted, graphical marketing ads directly into their statements. These transpromo statement marketing capabilities have proven to be tremendously successful for credit unions at a fraction of the cost of other marketing options.

LKCS can prepare statements in just about any format or layout imaginable.  By adding relevant messages, you can piggyback targeted promotions and advertising onto existing transaction-related documents, such as statements.

Transpromo Statement Campaigns Ideas

  • New account holders
  • CD renewals
  • Loan payoffs
  • Auto loan recapture
  • Birthday messages
  • Loan payment coupons
  • New mergers/branches acquisitions
  • New SEGs
  • Cross sell opportunities

Matrix Statement Campaigns

Using a series of statement onsets sent out over a period of months/quarters, LKCS provides the ability to cross – sell additional products and services to specific groups of account holders.


LKCS teams up with Sharetec to provide statement marketing through E-Statements.  Inserts can be delivered with E-Statements as well as banner ads with links to web pages or PDFs.  Campaigns can be set up for all account holders or for selective accounts.

LKCS received a score 98% on their last customer satisfaction survey.

Sharetec offers a single sign-on so your members can access all the credit card information without having to log into another website. Look at the circled tab in the middle of the Home Banking screen.

Single Sign On2


  • Members don’t have to remember more logins & Passwords.
  • Driving the member back to your Home Banking.
  • Easy Transaction History.
  • Balance & Statements Quickly.
  • Secure.

One click on the credit card tab and the member is into their credit card site, seeing transactions and due dates.