We all know how tedious and time consuming searching for data can be. And searching at a snail’s pace has no place in a Credit Union! With Sharetec’s Quick Query tool, you can find what you are looking for in a snap.

Compiling member data has never been quicker and easier, and with no need to generate time-consuming reports. Quick Query lets you search all of your main member files and once that data is located, it can be:

  • Displayed on your screen
  • Sent to a report or
  • Exported directly into an Excel spreadsheet

To quicken future searches, Sharetec allows user queries to be saved or uploaded to the Sharetec repository. Once in the repository, those queries can be shared with other Sharetec Credit Unions, making for great collaboration across Sharetec’s entire user base.

Whether beginning user or seasoned professional, your Credit Union staff will discover how easy it is to “pick up the snail’s pace” as they swiftly probe and find data with Quick Query.

ST Conf2

Sharetec was pleased to welcome its Credit Union Clients to one of Sharetec’s many Regional Training Conferences. The conference was held on November 13-14, 2014 at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Boardman, Ohio.  It offered a variety of presentations of particular interest to Credit Union Administrators and Staff including, What’s new at Sharetec; Remote Deposit Capture; and Effective Marketing Tools, as well as Statement Updates and Sharetec Bank Secrecy Components and Fraud Reporting. Additional topics included Saving Time and Money with E-Notices; Cyber Security and Sharetec System Security; and an EMV Update, after which participants enjoyed a delectable lunch buffet. 

The afternoon featured discussions on Getting the Most from Sharetec; and Sharetec: What’s Coming; as well as a helpful Q & A Session. Customer Feedback wrapped up the afternoon, which asked Credit Union attendees to consider What Do You Want in Future Releases? 

The evening’s dinner and social gathering was followed by a night of fun, games, and prizes with Sharetec Credit Union Staff, along with fellow employees from one of Sharetec’s statement processing partners and document imaging areas. Before leaving town, attendees had an opportunity to take a Friday morning tour of the Sharetec Data Center in nearby Youngstown.

How often have you had to search far into system files whenever an examiner requests a report? Sharetec’s Report Archiving can put an end to such needless searching by providing easy access to reports when you need it. Like most Sharetec products, Report Archiving is securely and conveniently integrated into the core system, enabling automatic archiving of your reports as they are printed.

While a third party product is often required by many core systems to place reports into permanent storage, Sharetec changes the norm. Their integrated archiving system gives users the ability to easily retrieve reports on their own, without the need for a third-party product. So the next time an examiner asks for a report, your staff can simply click on the Sharetec Report Viewer and reprint it, making it easy for everyone involved.


In less than one year after Danville Bell CU utilized Sharetec's Online Member Applications, their dollars lent to members grew by $1.2 million and actual loans produced throughout 2014 was over $3.2 million compared to $1.8 million the year before.

"Busy, young peoplewho are electronically savvy appreciate the convenience of filling out an application online and having an answer prior to coming to the credit union." Tim George - President of Danville Bell Credit Union

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patriot piggy bank
Did you know that “Patriot” in the Patriot Act is actually an acronym for “Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism”? And did you also know that Sharetec has integrated the Patriot Act Requirements into its core system?

A key advantage of this Act for Credit Unions is how it permits the Secretary of the Treasury to regulate financial transactions, particularly those relating to foreign individuals. For your knowledge and protection, Sharetec scans your database at intervals, and whenever you open a new account, to determine if any of your members’ names match those on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) lists. If a match is found, it is promptly reported to your Credit Union. This feature is just another way in which Sharetec proudly upholds its service and allegiance to you.