Sharetec Business Accounts
provides credit unions with the ability to increase the services they offer to small business while at the same time create another fee income stream that can help the credit union grow.

With the Sharetec Business Account feature, the credit union can not only automate many manual tasks but make a strategic effort to grow this area of the credit union by setting up different plans for different types of business which includes features such as:

• Sweep Accounting

• Replenish

• Bonus Credit Plan

• Fees Charged

• Assess Fees

• MultiplePlans

Sharetec Business Accounts feature is an account type that credit unions can setup to generate income by increasing fees and driving out manual effort. For more information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

fraud caution

Protecting members from fraud is one of the biggest challenges Credit Unions face today. For this reason, Sharetec offers real-time fraud monitoring through its Fraud Alert system. This vital feature is designed to work proactively, helping Credit Unions stay one step ahead of fraud and provide their members with peace of mind.

Sharetec’s Fraud Alert system is always on the look-out for questionable activity. And once a fraudulent situation is detected―whether during a member transaction, search, batch posting, new member enrollment, or application process―your Credit Union staff and your members will receive prompt notification. In the event of a change of address, suspicious activity is immediately reported, and a change of address notice is auto-generated and sent to the original mailing address to ensure that the change was initiated by the member.

Key features of Sharetec’s Fraud Alert:

  • Fraud Alerts are based on a set of fraud conditions set up in the Fraud Alert control
  • Alerts are Credit Union-defined and tailored to meet each institution’s level of need
  • Fraud Alert Reports are available on a daily basis to report all fraudulent conditions
  • Credit bureau integration provides extra security for members on active duty or those who have been identified as fraud suspects
  • Fraud Alerts are linked to FinCen, OFAC, and EFunds files to flag qualifying member records as needed

With Sharetec’s Fraud Alert system, you can rest assured that prompt notification will translate to security and peace of mind for your members.

For a list of alert types, including Duplicate Data Alerts, Activity Alerts, and Invalid Data Alerts, visit

15 years 
We congratulate Mark Galpin, Sharetec Service Technician, for achieving a 15-year career milestone! As an integral member of the Credit Union Team, Mark’s duties range from deploying and maintaining servers, PCs and computer peripherals, to assisting Credit Union Clients with their technology needs, goals, and objectives.

Throughout his employment, Mark’s focus has always been on providing excellent customer service. He acutely listens and responds to our Credit Union’s specialized needs and has done an excellent job of embracing the ever-changing technology. When Mark began his career, the only peripherals were dot matrix and laser printers. Fortunately, technology has progressed to give us driver’s license scanners, electronic signature pads, electronic loan form pads, and specialty color printers, to name just a few. Mark is continually broadening his knowledge and skills to meet new technology head on. He is an Epson Authorized Service Technician, HP Certified Service Technician, and he is also Comptia A+ Certified.

Besides being a dedicated employee, Mark is an admirable family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, Darlene, and sons Nathan and Matthew. Yet he has been known to sacrifice family time to travel out of town for new customer deployments and upgrades. Mark and his family reside in Alliance, Ohio, where he is very active in his church’s Music Ministry. His love of guitar, trumpet, and vocal music has moved him to become a member of the Quaker City Band. Mark also enjoys motorcycling, dining, mechanics, golf, fitness, and automotive and shooting sports.
Mark G


Are you interested in lowering your Statement and Notice expenses?

Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a powerful solution that will cut expenses for your credit union, making your examiners happier. Credit Unions that have turned this feature on have found their members not only immediately start using the service, they stick with it so the savings can be recognized month after month with a significant impact on the credit unions bottom line expenses.

Since switching to Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment, Winnebago Community Credit Union has had a 500% growth and an annual savings of $14,500.

Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a unique solution from Sharetec to our customers that can make a difference for your credit union and your members. Call us today for more information!


Sure you would.

What forward thinking credit union doesn’t pay attention to R.O.I! 

Sharetec’s credit unions generate more non-interest income, productivity and credit union growth - resulting in a better ROI.

Sharetec understands that core systems today must provide return on investment.  We take the time to listen and understand your technology goals for today and the future.  We exceed your credit union needs and deliver unparalleled support so you can focus on the needs of your members.

Sharetec’s E-Services helps you connect to your members anytime, anywhere!  We offer a variety of e-Services that help you deliver the cutting edge technology that your members demand.  These services include:

  • E-Statements
  • E-Notices
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • E-Alerts
  • E-Receipts
  • Remote E-Sign

Deliver paperless statements right to the member’s inboxes with E-Statements.  The quickest, most economical delivery for member statements is through Home Banking.  Reduces mailing costs, and eliminates manual efforts.  With our customized electronic statements, credit unions can include promotions and cross selling opportunities.

E-Notices save you time and money.  Members opt-in for the service and the system handles the rest.  Whether it’s NSF Notices, CD Maturity Notices, or Late Payments Notices, paperless delivery is automated every day.

Remote Deposit Capture helps retain existing, out of town members by being able to deposits checks online.  RDC enables members to send an image of a check quickly and securely to their account.

E-Alerts are able to alert members electronically with important account information.  Members can create messages to alert themselves when an account balance is too low, or a loan payment is due.

Sending E-Receipts instead of mailing paper receipts, saves your employees time and you the cost of buying envelopes and postage.

Lastly, Remote E-Sign helps serve your members anywhere in the world.  Credit unions can increase loan volume with Remote E-Sign so members all over the world can quickly and securely sign loan documents online with a secure electronic signature.  All documents are electronically controlled to insure the safety of the information.  Members receive an email with the encrypted document attached.

If you are ready to find out more about the core with an ROI contact us to find out why Sharetec’s credit union base has increased 67% in the past 10 years.