Members “First” Community Credit Union uses a number of key products to generate significant income and decrease their expenses. This effort has catapulted them into the top 1% ROA of all credit unions in the country.

With Sharetec’s eNotices module, members receive their information faster than they would through traditional mail, providing them easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to their account. Members “First” Community Credit Union saves big money on postage expenses, as well as additional savings from envelopes, paper, ink, folding, and staff time.

Teri McEwen, CEO of Members “First” Community Credit Union, remarked, “We appreciate the fact that Bradford-Scott continually adds new products like eNotices. One of our goals is to keep up with the larger financial players in our market, and the eNotices module gives us that opportunity, which has proven to be a great success for our credit union.”

Since Members “First” Community Credit Union started using Sharetec’s eNotices module, they have reduced their monthly expenses $975.00.

Average monthly savings from eNotices:

Postage $700.00

Envelopes $ 86.00

Paper $ 9.00

Staff (saves 45 min./day) $180.00

TOTAL $975.00 x 12 = $11,700.00 Annual Savings

The end result of implementing the eNotices feature is that it benefits both the credit union and the member.

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The loan decision process can be difficult for even the most astute of lenders, which is why Sharetec offers Automated Lending toassist Credit Unions with making such critical decisions. Sharetec’s Automated Lending tool—used in conjunction with Sharetec’s loan application—is considered by many to be the perfect tool for instituting and streamlining lending parameters and guidelines. The tool auto-generates loan approval or denial based on up to 11 pre-established and weighted criteria. As data relating to debt and income is recorded, factors including debt ratios and disposable income, are auto-calculated for the loan applicant and co-applicant.

Sharetec’s Risk Based Pricing module can be incorporated into the Automated Lending tool to further simplify the decision process. Credit Unions using this automated pricing module can adjust a borrower’s interest rate based on risk level, using their own custom-created risk pricing adjustments which are auto-applied based on loan type. The customized pricing adjustments can be based on a singular factor such as credit score, to several factors, such as debt ratios, employment history, and delinquency.


When it comes to financial management tools, today’s Credit Unions require flexibility and ease of use, not to mention the ability to save valuable time. Thankfully, Sharetec offers comprehensive and streamlined accounting tools to assist Credit Unions with managing a wide range of financial tasks—from accounts payable, to asset liability management, to integrated general ledger—all while saving that much-needed time.

Sharetec also offers timesaving reporting tools including its handy 5300 Call Report Assistant. This tool is specifically designed to reduce your prep time and help you meet regulatory requirements for reporting investments and preparing quarterly 5300 call reports for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The 5300 Call Report Assistant is extremely useful in that it streamlines data gathering and organization for your quarterly report by auto-uploading information each quarter from a variety of sources, such as Sharetec loans, shares, and general ledger. With the 5300 Call Report Assistant in place, your Credit Union can save as much as 80% of the time usually required to prepare the 5300 report. And the time you save can be spent servicing your members and improving your bottom line.

Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay feature gives credit unions more flexibility in helping their members when it comes to overdrafts while allowing them to setup granular risk-based fee structures. Members who frequently overdraw their accounts pose a higher risk to the credit union, and thus should pay a higher fee then those members who occasionally overdraw their accounts.

Teri McEwen, CEO at Members "First" Community Credit Union remarks, “We have offered traditional courtesy pay for awhile, but when we switched to Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay, our income increased by 11% and members love the flexibility of the program.” With Tiered Courtesy Pay, members receive free or discounted overdrafts at first, then the fee gradually increases the more the member uses the service.

The end result of implementing a Tiered Courtesy Pay feature is a fee structure that is fair to both the credit union and the member.

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Disasters can happen to the best of us, which is why preparedness and planning are essential. Thankfully, Sharetec has a system-saving feature that does just that, helping Credit Unions to prepare for the worst and avoid disaster.

With Remote Backup, your Credit Union can steer clear of a potential system calamity, and it’s all handled remotely on a nightly basis. The backup is put in place with your system so that all of the day’s data is duplicated remotely to Sharetec’s secure hosting facility. Your Credit Union will receive a daily confirmation that the backup has been successfully accomplished. And Sharetec doesn’t stop there. As part of their Disaster Recovery Program, Remote Backup testing is completed on a regular basis to ensure that it can be restored if necessary.

Credit Unions opting for Sharetec’s Remote Backup plan are certainly on the path to averting disaster while enjoying the safety and security of data loss prevention.