Little things

There are two simple yet important words that can benefit both your Credit Union members and your staff:  Cash Dispenser. And Sharetec brings these two words to life with automated accuracy.

The premise is simple: automation saves time. And time is better spent providing quality and consistent service to your members. While most employees wouldn’t complain about counting out money for members, they would certainly appreciate the ease and convenience of Sharetec’s Cash Dispenser feature. Cash dispensers and recyclers take time spent counting cash and turn it into time spent listening and interacting with members. This simple solution allows you to improve your customer service and add value to member relationships.

So while such a simple solution may seem minute, remember that it’s the little things that count. And little things can lead to big improvements in your Credit Union’s time savings and member service.

Data Redundancy2
With Sharetec’s
Remote Backup with Images, you would be assured that your credit union will be safe in the event of a disaster. Archived reports such as completed loans, daily reports, electronic vouchers, or any other items that were set to be archived in Sharetec GUI would be restored.

"Thanks to Sharetec’s Remote Backup with Images, our credit union was safe and secure when our drive-through roof started on fire due to a lighting fixture. We had a great deal to worry about but we were at ease knowing Sharetec was taking care of us." Kabir Laiwalla, CEO of Platinum FCU
Don’t let something as small as fire or as big as a hurricane put your credit union at jeopardy. Sign your credit union up for Sharetec’s Remote Backup with Images and assure your members their data is safe. Contact us today for more information.

Easy Access to the Member's Credit Card Info
Sharetec offers a single sign-on so your members can access all the credit card information without having to log into another website. Look at the circled tab in the middle of the Home Banking screen.

 Single Sign On2

"Now members can seamlessly access their accounts from within home banking without the hassle of remembering another username and password. It is one more way to make accessing the credit union electronically a seamless and user-friendly experience." Daryl, Gas & Electric Credit Union

Sharetec's Credit Card Single Sign-On offers members balances & statements quickly with an integrated secure login that drives members back to your home banking. For more information, contact us today.


Many Credit Unions have already discovered the power, ease, and convenience of Sharetec’s Results Report Writer. Its clever design can assist even the most novice of users in developing custom reports, queries, and labels quickly and easily.

If you are among those Credit Unions interested in extracting your data from Sharetec to build custom reports or marketing pieces, you’ll find the Report Writer’s data extract feature also very handy. This tool enables your data to be exported to any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant software—including Microsoft Word and Excel—so you can begin creating marketing collateral or building reports in an instant. The direct integration between the Sharetec core system and any ODBC compliant product simplifies your processes, enabling your staff to move on to other tasks as your Credit Union enjoys increased efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be nice to effectively facilitate your Credit Union staff’s training on your own turf? Thankfully, Sharetec’s Training Database feature brings new meaning to the words “home sweet home” by affording you and your staff the option of in-house training.

Sharetec comes equipped with a secondary database—a mirror of your live database—that lets your employees learn and explore the system at their own pace, and in their own familiar environment. It enables staff members to acquaint themselves with the Sharetec system while utilizing the virtual copy of your database. This convenient setup offers you a safe, secure, and effective way to train your new employees, as well as cross-train your seasoned staff, all in the comfort of your own institution.