When processing rate changes for variable rate loans, the rate change effective date must either be equal to or greater than the day of processing. For example, if the rate change is effective June 1st, the Variable Rate Change program must be ran on or before June 1st.

For transfer distributions, the bi-weekly frequency code should be used when the transfer is required every 14 days. Use the semi-monthly frequency code for transfers to occur twice per month; on the 15th and then again on the last day of the month.


To prevent the use of a particular transaction code, unmark the online flag in Transaction Code Properties in the Administration menu under TX codes. Never delete a transaction code.

To restart the credit queue, log into a Character session (CHUI) and go to the Main Menu. Press F11 and type crbqmt and press enter to jump to Credit Bureau Queue File Maintenance. Use the space bar to mark the box to stop the queue and hit F2. Then press F11 and type crbqmt to repeat the process again to start the queue.

When looking for information, click in the gray area of any header record to sort the field either alphabetically or numerically. Sorting first can cut search time down when looking for something specific.