Mobile Banking is simple to use, fast, convenient and easy to deploy. Members are constantly on the go. Mobile Banking allows members to securely manage their accounts on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they go. The strength of your credit union lies in their hands.

According to Bank Innovation, 20% of all banks have a mobile banking app. Do you have a mobile banking app?

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By default, some transaction codes have the transaction memo pop-up turned on.  This pop-up can be turned on or off in Transaction Code Maintenance.  Go to Administration Workspace – Application Controls – Transaction Codes, double click on the desired transaction code and click Update. If the flag for Tran Memo is marked, the transaction memo pop-up will be active.  Remove the flag to turn off the transaction memo pop-up.

Loan Group Type Change

To change a loan group or type after the loan has already been processed, go to Loan Group Type Change in the Administration Workspace under Member Adjustments. Using this feature will make the general ledger entries necessary as well as change the group and/or type of the loan.

Are Your Tellers Ever Out of Balance?

Teller balancing is one of the most tedious tasks for your tellers and it’s their single largest headache when balancing.
Teller Cash Inventory makes balancing easier for your tellers. When they are out of balance, they will know the exact denomination they are looking for.
Offer your staff an easy, quick and accurate way to avoid out of balance situations that will save them time by using Sharetec's Teller Cash Inventory.

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Forrester’s top 10 trends for mobile in 2013

Mobile phones are already well on their way to replacing cameras, cash, maps, remote controls, handheld gaming systems, boarding passes, tickets, cash registers, calculators, notepads, and much more. And they’re becoming globally ubiquitous: 1.6 billion phones were shipped last year; and by the end of this year, 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use.

So the question is not so much what smartphones can do, it’s what can’t they do. And the strategic imperative for organizations is to understand how they are going to meet the challenge of that change.