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If you are like most Credit Unions, your staff routinely enters all of your members’ credit card advances and payments into your core system—and then again into the processor’s website. Most likely, your staff finds this process tiresome and in need of improvement.

Let Sharetec come to your rescue with Credit Card Sweep, a product that “clears the way” for improvement by putting an end to this repetitive process. Credit Card Sweep enables employees to simply enter a credit card advance or a payment like any other transaction—allowing them to be processed over the counter with ease in a single transaction. And at the end of the day, the Sharetec system “tidies up” the process by forwarding all of your credit card transactions in the form of an aggregated payment file to your vendor/processor. Clearly, this “sweeping” improvement has the potential to reduce errors while saving your staff valuable time to devote to other important tasks.

Sharetec offers a single sign-on so your members can access all the credit card information without having to log into another website. Look at the circled tab in the middle of the Home Banking screen.

Single Sign On2


  • Members don’t have to remember more logins & Passwords.
  • Driving the member back to your Home Banking.
  • Easy Transaction History.
  • Balance & Statements Quickly.
  • Secure.

One click on the credit card tab and the member is into their credit card site, seeing transactions and due dates.


Are overdrafts causing your Credit Union members unnecessary and preventable costs and embarrassment? Why not offer them the protection and defense they need from the dreaded overdraft with Sharetec’s Courtesy Pay.

Sharetec’s Courtesy Pay service offers members either Flat Rate or Tiered Rate protection, depending on which features best suit their needs. With Flat Rate Courtesy Pay, your member’s overdrafts will be covered up to an approved limit, with a flat fee assessed per transaction. The Credit Union pays the member’s check instead of returning it due to insufficient funds, which saves the member both merchant charges and your Credit Union’s insufficient funds fee. This option also saves your members the embarrassment that unintentional overdrawn checks can cause, while helping to safeguard their credit rating.

Unlike its flat rate predecessor, Tiered Rate Courtesy Pay offers a “tiered” approach that provides Credit Unions with more flexibility in assisting their members with overdrafts. It allows for a granular, risk-based fee structure by which members may initially receive free or discounted overdrafts, with a gradual increase in fees as their usage of the service grows. Therefore, members who incur frequent overdrafts and pose a higher risk will pay a higher fee than those members who encounter the occasional overdraft. Many Credit Unions have reported a substantial increase in their monthly income with the Tiered Rate Courtesy Pay structure. And another benefit is that a substantial percentage of your members will actually pay lower fees, helping them to save money in the long run.


We all realize how difficult it can be to commit to a regimented savings plan. Yet Sharetec’s Save the Change account feature provides an easy way for your Credit Union members to accumulate a modest savings—even those members who find it challenging to save money on a regular basis.

The premise behind Save the Change is simple: your members’ debit card transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is securely deposited into a designated savings account. Members can opt to have funds deposited into their own savings account or into another member's account, such as a child or grandchild. Eligibility only requires the member to have a checking account, a debit card set up to make purchases, and a savings account.

Sharetec’s Save the Change feature is popular with members as it helps them build their savings effortlessly and incrementally, without having to make larger, lump-sum deposits. Plus, most members claim that they don’t even miss the extra change, so saving money becomes less painful as they save for that rainy day.

Contact us today for more information about our Easy Saver Program.


Today’s Credit Union tellers are caught in a balancing act. So much of their time is spent accounting for cash, both physically and electronically, and balancing cash drawers—all while trying to provide the best service to their customers. The teller’s primary focus needs to be on the customer, with exceptional service and cross-selling at the forefront of their daily duties.

Sharetec’s Cash Management feature automates your tellers’ routine cash-related activities, enabling them to shift their focus from cash to customer. With this shift, your Credit Union can employ people whose skills are better suited to serving the diverse needs of your members, which can assist you in improving customer service and meeting your cross-selling goals.

Teller Cash Inventory  

The daily tracking of exchanged cash and coin requires nothing less than complete accuracy. Balancing cash at the end of the day can be tedious, and being out of balance can be taxing. Teller Cash Inventory painstakingly records specific denominations of all exchanged money, so when things are out of balance, employees can easily identify the missing denominations.

Teller Cash Inventory enables you to:

  • Reduce out of balance occurrences
  • Keep a detailed record of exactly what cash and coin was exchanged and the exact denominations
  • Save your tellers time at the end of every day
  • Turn it on or off by the teller, as a new teller may need it, but an experienced teller may not

Vault Balancing  

Most Credit Unions keep hand-written ledgers in their vaults to manually record all transferred amounts; subsequently, those same entries are entered into a general ledger system. With Vault Balancing, teller drawers and vault balances are auto-updated with each transfer, ensuring that you always know the exact denominations in your vault, in each drawer, and any cash in transit.

The ease, speed, and accuracy of Sharetec’s streamlined and automated Cash Management feature can help you and your tellers find the perfect balance—and invest your precious time more wisely.