Embracing a Digital Banking Strategy


Integrating Sharetec’s Dashboard 2.0 into your credit union’s daily workflow can be a critical component of your digital banking strategy.  Dashboard 2.0, powered by Microsoft Power BI Business Analytics, is designed to streamline back office, management and Board reporting while providing accurate and up-to-the minute insights into the treasure trove of data contained within your credit union’s core system.  Ultimately, the savings in automating the reporting process along with more accurate insights gained on member habits and product usage translate to a greater focus on the member and improved member experiences.

The best part about Sharetec’s Dashboard 2.0 is that you don’t need an IT department or technical expertise to set it up!  While users do have the ability to create their own analytics, Dashboard 2.0 is delivered allowing users to see daily Trend Analysis, ROA, Loan to Share, and Deposit and Loan breakdown on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.  Users can break down loans by loan officer, type of loans, or by branch and break down delinquent loans by loan type and loan officer.  Users can also see where members’ residences are concentrated, what products they are using, the age breakdown of your entire membership and so much more.  Plus, Dashboard 2.0 simplifies the process of generating time consuming Board reports while providing Board members with reports that are visually pleasing and easier to understand.

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Leading Credit Unions into the Digital Revolution, Eltropy uses their world-class digital communications platform to help Credit Unions improve operations, engagement, and productivity. Teams across the entire Credit Union can leverage Eltropy’s award-winning, secure and compliant Text Messaging platform to increase member engagement, as well as relevant insight via Analytics.

Sharetec Credit Unions like Harvester Financial Credit Union and Platinum Federal Credit Union have utilized Eltropy’s digital communication services to provide their members a variety of opportunities through lending, sales, marketing, IT, contact center, collections, reviews, and more.

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"Eltropy is a great partnership for Sharetec because it allows our Credit Unions the power to connect with their members and stay competitive in a world where quick service is so important. This platform is easy to use and comes with so many benefits: workflows, automations, compliance and security all in one,” comments Carrie Heck, Regional Director for Sharetec.

savvy money1
Do you want to provide your members a unique solution to save them money with personalized offers? We have a solution for you that will break through the clutter, educate your members, and position your credit union as a leader in the finance industry.

SavvyMoney and Sharetec are partnered together to provide Sharetec Credit Unions a credit score solution for every online and mobile banking platform, helping your members take control of their finances.  

  • Drive engagement

  • Empower your members to take control of their credit

  • Integrate credit score functionality into your mobile and online banking

  • Turn insights into smart lending opportunities

SavvyMoney's analytics platform will identify loan opportunities for your members based on their credit profile and your lending criteria, which means you spend less time identifying leads and more time helping users find savings.

For more information, please reach out to your Sales Representative or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Most credit unions are certainly accustomed to the requirements of government reporting—and are especially familiar with the aggravations brought on by these tasks. Assembling all of the necessary paperwork and meeting the strict deadlines can be challenging to say the least, not to mention extremely time-consuming. The busywork typically has a way of taking valuable time away from staff, who are trying their best to offer consistent and exceptional service to members.  

Fortunately, Sharetec offers a Government Reporting solution that can eliminate those problems, allowing you and your staff to complete these reporting tasks without the usual headaches and time consumption. Sharetec’s Government Reporting filing service ensures that all of the necessary forms are sent directly to your members, and then electronically files them with the government. Such auto-reporting means that you don’t have to lift a finger! What’s more, the solution does a superb job of handling multiple types of forms including 1099-div, 5498, 1099-c and 1098.

As with all of Sharetec’s invaluable features, the Government Reporting solution truly brings the technology of simplicity to life. And such simplicity will undoubtedly help credit unions devote more time to achieving key goals—such as improving member service and growing its membership to new heights.


A core system should do more than just process transactions and record debits and credits.  A good core will help you get to know your members, promote products and services that meet their needs and help grow your credit union. 

Sharetec’s marketing suite does all of this and more, automatically!

By establishing metrics, or benchmarks, Sharetec can identify members who qualify for rewards like loan interest rate discounts, certificate rate bonuses or reduced fees.  You can build promotions and generate personalized emails or letters, right from the core!  Sharetec even stores a copy of the correspondence in the member record.

When a qualifying member calls or comes in to your credit union, Sharetec will prompt the teller/MSR with a script so they’re comfortable engaging the member and encouraging them to take advantage of the offer.

Do you have members who primarily engage online?  They can view and monitor their credit scores right from home/mobile banking while at the same being exposed to your exclusive offers!  Sharetec can even identify loans at competing financial institutions and automatically create marketing letters and emails to help grow loans and strengthen the member relationship.    

Your members want to do all their banking with you, they just might not know it.  Sharetec can help you reach them with the right message, at the right time! 

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