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Landmark Credit Union has been promoting Sharetec's Easy Saver Program, or as they call it, "Round Up" savings, to members for many years and use the term, "throwing your loose change in a jar," to increase enrollment.

"We have a simple statement on our debit card application that allows our members to select the program when applying for a new debit card. This gives us the opportunity to cross-sell this option to our members, offering them complete control of their money that is being transferred to the account." Anna Melecosky, Landmark Credit Union

With Sharetec’s Easy Saver Program, members can increase their savings with each debit transaction they make. When a purchase is made, their transaction will be rounded to the  nearest dollar and the difference is added to their savings account.

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In these uncertain times, it may feel like the entire world has shrunk to the size of a computer or smartphone. After all, credit union members are interacting with credit unions primarily through mobile apps due to social isolation guidelines. Mobile platforms have gained more power as make-or-break channels for attracting and retaining members, and computers and smartphones continue to command more of everyone’s daily lives.  With Sharetec’s Home and Mobile Banking, doing things like checking balances, paying bills and transfers has never been easier. Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking allows your members access to additional products including ProPay, Flex Pay, Loan Applications, Remote Deposit Capture and much more!

Sharetec's Home and Mobile Banking allows your members to:

  * View Account Transaction History
  * Manage and Pay 3rd CC Accounts
  * Stop Payments
  * Lock/Unlock Debit Cards
  * Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking also allows your members access to additional products:

  * ProPay
  * Picture Pay
  * Flex Pay
  * Portal Pay
  * P2P Payment Tool
  * Loan Applications
  * Remote Deposit Capture

Empowering your members to complete their banking tasks from the safety of their own homes is great way to support your community and your members.

In order to highlight the software’s innovative features and functionality and offer their support, the Sharetec team provided Horizon with thorough demonstrations and continued to address their key questions and concerns along the way. As the credit union had an opportunity to view the system’s vast capabilities firsthand, they discovered that Sharetec was highly capable of meeting their technical requirements.

Overall, Horizon’s decision makers were thoroughly impressed that Sharetec would be capable of meeting all of their objectives, including their firewall/IT specifications. They were especially pleased that they would be able to convert from their existing system and move forward with the innovative solution with a conversion date firmly in sight.

Beverly Boling, Horizon’s CEO, comments, "When we learned about Sharetec’s long list of benefits, we took the next step and requested a demonstration. We wanted to determine if the system would fully meet our needs, and if the people behind the solution would adequately support us.”

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Sharetec announces Western Indiana Credit Union in Sullivan, IN, has selected Sharetec to be their next core banking system.

Mitzi Perkinson, CEO of Western Indiana Credit Union, comments, “When the decision was made to begin the search for a new core processor, I knew that I wanted to work with a company that has similar values, respect, and service that we provide to our own members on a daily basis. It was very evident from the start that this is the case with Sharetec. They have a highly dedicated team with personable service. There is no doubt that our decision to convert to Sharetec will help us grow and continue to serve our members in ways we haven’t been able to in the past!”

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What Credit Union wouldn’t enjoy utilizing a proven Return on Investment that offers leading-edge technology? Thanks to Sharetec’s eServices Enrollment, Credit Unions get just that—a powerful tool that has consistently been shown to reduce costs, improve marketing efforts and communication with members, and drive revenue growth.

The benefits of eServices Enrollment are substantial, enabling Credit Unions to:

· Obtain over 95% penetration in eStatements and eNotices in a month

· Reduce costs dramatically compared to your peer's eStatement penetration rates

· Provide your members quicker turnaround time

· Increase security

By selecting eServices Enrollment, your members will enjoy remote account access and paperless systems that accommodate their busy and often remote lifestyles. Members can view and print their eStatements and eNotices from any device with internet access. Plus, Sharetec’s secure, user-friendly online enrollment enables members to register when it’s convenient for them―saving you and your staff valuable time. Sharetec’s eServices Enrollment is clearly a proven and powerful tool designed to equip your Credit Union with forward-thinking momentum while providing your members with the innovation that they expect.