25 Year PartnershipSm

Sharetec has been around for over 30 years and one thing that has remained the same throughout the years is bold technology and caring partnerships. Sharetec has maintained many long-term relationships with credit unions around the country, several of which have been on the system for over 25 years.

In the 1990s, some key issues plaguing the CUs were inefficient, paper-centric systems, growing operational expenses, inadequate support services, lack of reporting capabilities, delays in loan processing, and stagnant membership growth. The solution was the Sharetec Core Processing System. In 1994 Sharetec introduced superior automation and efficiency to credit unions across the US that were seeking a more efficient way to complete their daily tasks by improving functionality and efficiencies for both their staff and their members. Many of the same issues that CUs faced 3 decades ago are still relevant today. These problems impede success and growth as well as operational issues. Many cores out there have not evolved as fast or at all over the last 20-30 years but the industry as well as your credit union and membership has changed a lot and your core should recognize and adapt to that change. Since the beginning of Sharetec, we have worked hard and invested heavily in bold innovation and agility as well as providing a true partnership. Many cores will say they have the best service and support departments in the industry but very few actually act as a partner. At Sharetec we believe that when your CU grows we grow, and when you thrive we thrive, and that would not be possible without a true partnership. We believe this and so do our credit union partners. This is the reason why we have so many long-term partnerships such as Akron Fire Police Credit Union, Brewster Federal Credit Union, and Common Roots Federal Credit Union. All of these CUs have been with Sharetec for over 25 years!

When we spoke to these CUs they explained that the following results are accredited to their conversion to Sharetec:

  • Significant improvements in day-to-day efficiencies resulting in faster member service and resolution of issues
  • Continual enhancements in reporting capabilities
  • Fast, knowledgeable, and friendly Sharetec support services
  • Streamlined and efficient loan and new membership application processing
  • Increased cost efficiencies
  • Enhanced ability to boost membership
  • Ability to easily and quickly train staff on the system

Joanne Smith, Manager/CEO, Brewster FCU, says that as a whole, their credit union staff has always appreciated the fast and friendly service they receive from the tech support at Sharetec: “When I have ‘one of those days' and it seems like I have to call multiple times for questions, the Sharetec staff always answers with a smile and provides excellent customer service.”

Dan Miller, VP, Sharetec, appreciates the longevity and strength of Sharetec’s 25-year partnerships. “Without a doubt, as we’ve helped these credit unions improve their functionality and efficiencies, we’ve also been able to improve our company and its offerings. Listening to their requests and meeting precise needs have helped us enhance and increase the features of our system, making the Sharetec solution progressively better over the years. This continues to be a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved. I can’t congratulate and thank these credit unions enough.”

Sharetec’s 25-year partners all continue to be satisfied with the numerous features and benefits of the core processing solution. The vast number of improvements that have resulted have changed the way they do business and enabled them to devote more time to upholding their commitment to offering the best financial products and services to their members.

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