On this Monday, we are going to look at what a few of the over 280 credit unions that use Sharetec, have to say. Every quarter we send out a quick survey to our credit union partners and ask for feedback to help make us better. We received so much positive feedback this quarter that it was important to share some of the comments.

  • “We love you guys!” 
  • “Simple amazing, simply amazing. In the day and age where you rarely get to talk with a live person answering the phone, where you struggle to get someone to call you back, and seemingly all call centers are overseas, it is an absolute joy to work with a Midwestern company who operates as we do – in a fashion that the customer is still top priority – serve them fast, serve them well! Thank you!” 
  • “LOVE working with this company!!! VERY helpful no matter what my questions or issues I’m having and gets the job done in a timely matter!!!”

These are just some of the positive feedback we have received this quarter. While it is great to see such positive comments, we understand that things come up and issues arise and the team at Sharetec works extremely hard in order to address all matters quickly and efficiently. We exist because of our credit union partners and our top and only priority is to serve you and serve you well. We understand that as you grow, we grow and we continue to invest time and resources in areas that we need to improve. This is the reason why we send out this survey each quarter, to better understand where we need to improve.

We also would like to take some time and thank all of our valued partners. Again, we exist because of you all and one of the core values that we work by each and every day is, make something better, today. Every single team member at Sharetec lives by this value and if there is anything we can do today to make things better we do it. We never stop improving and we are always pushing for a better and faster option. This is not only a value but also a promise to all of our partners. Over the past 18 months, Sharetec has invested a large amount of time and resources into improving our infrastructure and our processes. We have added key personnel to every single department and continue to do so. We make a promise to all of our credit unions that we are here to help you grow and thrive in this very competitive and dynamic industry. You work hard to serve the members of your community and it is our job to provide the technology, resources, and support to make that possible while being as invisible as possible to your members.

We also want to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our survey. All of your feedback is now in front of our team and we are already working towards ways to improve. We hope to receive even better results from our Q3 survey!