As we move further in the digital revolution and as credit unions continue to focus more on the younger demo, digital communication has become a bigger deal for all credit unions. Credit Unions have been asking for a simple to use platform that allows them to engage with their members through text messaging.

Eltropy, a Sharetec partner, uses their world-class digital communications platform to help credit unions improve operations, engagement, and productivity. The entire credit union staff can communicate with members, in a secure and compliant environment, to increase engagement as well as provide relevant information and data via analytics.

Ashish Garg, founder, and CEO of Eltropy, comments, “Eltropy shares many of the same values with Sharetec, including the commitment to create products that meet the needs of the entire ecosystem of Credit Unions, regardless of size. As we continue to increase our footprint in the industry, we look forward to working with Sharetec to achieve our scaling goals.”

Several Sharetec credit unions such as Harvester Financial Credit Union have utilized Eltropy’s digital communication services to provide their members a variety of opportunities through lending, sales, marketing, IT, contact center, collections, reviews, and more! Some of the results that were reported by the credit union were:

  • User-friendly and security
  • Open communication with members
  • Increase in member engagement
  • Improved operations and productivity

“The adoption of Eltropy by the members has been quick and successful as we immediately started getting text messages on a variety of issues, including inquiries about obtaining a loan. We have seen the usage go up each week since implementation, comments Jason Ford, President/CEO of Harvester Financial Credit Union.

Eltropy is a great partnership for Sharetec because it allows our credit unions the power to connect with their members and stay competitive in a world where quick service is so important. This platform is easy to use and comes with so many benefits: workflows, automation, compliance, and security all in one,” comments Carrie Heck, Regional Director for Sharetec.

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