ACH Explorer Sm

Do you ever scroll through your credit union’s ACH data to see where your members are spending their money?  Everyone does this, right?  It probably doesn’t sit well when you see a loan payment going to another lender when you can offer the same loan at a better rate.  Often times credit union members have loans elsewhere simply because they are unaware that their credit union offers the same type of loans.  This is where Sharetec’s ACH Explorer module comes in. 

ACH Explorer is a tool that mines ACH data and builds an outreach campaign to capture these loans for your credit union. 

For example, let’s say you’re running an auto loan promotion, you can use ACH Explorer to search for keywords like “Toyota” or “Car Max” or the name of a local lender in your market.  ACH Explorer will then generate a report and an email or a letter that can be sent to the member and the report can be used for direct outreach to qualifying members.  Sharetec will automatically save a copy of the correspondence in the member’s Document Manager for tracking your marketing efforts. 

Used in conjunction with Sharetec’s Metrics and Cross Selling capabilities, staff can be prompted to promote your loan special to qualifying members when they present at the teller line or call into the credit union, reinforcing your direct outreach efforts and capturing more loans.

ACH Explorer will search and filter data from twenty different fields, everything from sponsor ID to credit score and debt ratio, so you can target very specific groups.  Do you have a credit builder program?  You can target members with credit scores below 600, for example.  You can also search for credit card payments, large or even very specific dollar amounts.  There’s really no end to the possibilities!

For more information about ACH Explorer and many of our other products that can help your credit union grow, reach out to your account manager for a demo, we think you’ll like what you see!