BigData Hand

There is no question that financial institutions are heavily dependent on data. Data drives many day-to-day operations and important decisions are made based on the accuracy of this data. One important thing to consider when looking into core systems is the data that is collected and produced. At Sharetec, we hear from credit unions that just don’t have sufficient data to increase efficiency and grow membership. Others we talk to have no idea what kind of data can be pulled by their system due to lack of training. Whatever the reasoning, big data is a large driver of necessary change and forward momentum to fulfill your members’ needs. Is your core system capable of producing the necessary data to help you grow?

At Sharetec, we have built a responsive system that is data-driven. We understand the importance of proper reporting and have built the system to allow you to pull reports on every data point in order to understand your operation better and make the necessary changes. Sharetec provides several tools for retrieving and analyzing credit union data including:

Results: A graphical report writer native to the operating system

Quick Query: An easy-to-use intuitive graphical report writer

ODBC: Ability to use popular productivity tools such as Excel, Access, Word, or Crystal Reports to easily create marketing materials and reports

By using the above built-in tools, credit unions are able to use BIG DATA to interpret results and take action accordingly. Sharetec believes your core should be smart enough to pull data that is crucial for your operations. The system will do the heavy lifting for you and allows you to easily look at the data that is important to you instead of you having to search and request the information that you need.

Jennifer Kutz, President of Members First Credit Union, states, “With the help of Sharetec’s training team, the staff at Members First CU, learned about all the different reports that could be created with ODBC. Over the years, we have made more than 400 reports and currently use about 50 reports consistently. Some of the reports provide information by SEG Group for board reports, the 5300, exams, and some show different information overall. What I like the best, is that with one mouse click, I can refresh the data to give me the information at that specific time. If the information is date sensitive, it is easy to change the date and refresh without having to create a new report all over again.”

Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec, comments, “Sharetec is helping credit unions face the future by giving them complete access to all the data, as well as providing them with the necessary tools to understand the data. Using these big data tools, our customers can make decisions that allow them to flourish in today’s ever-changing financial industry. This is the key to their success.”

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