Growth ClickSWITCH

We’ve found ourselves starting many blogs with the statement, “all credit unions want to grow and attract new members.” Yes, I know that sounds like a broken record and something we hear all the time but there is a reason why we hear it so much and the reason is that it is probably the most important thing for the survival of any credit union. Credit unions want to make it easy for non-members to become members. They want to grow deposits while acquiring these new members. The end goal is ensuring those members continue using their financial institution. We want these new members to continue using your products and services whether it a mortgage or a new vehicle loan. If you make it easy for new and existing members to do business with you, they will continue to do so. It is simple but difficult at the same time. Simple because we all expect the best service and products no matter who we do business with and to the consumer that is just expected. It is difficult because many credit unions and cores out there either make it difficult to evolve or difficult to change. In turn this makes it difficult to provide expected services.

Many credit unions feel stuck and unable to advance their technology because of their core provider and that should never be the case. Your core provider should have products and services available to you before you even know you are in need of them. Your core provider should be ahead of you in technology and member experiences and should understand the trends and ideas that are required for successful growth.

Sharetec has had several credit unions utilize ClickSWITCH and all of these credit unions had more opened checking accounts than the previous year with an increase in balances. ClickSWITCH helps convert account holders into fully engaged customers quickly, by helping them move their direct deposits and recurring payments. This is often a huge burden and a big reason why members choose to stay with their current financial institution, even if they are not fully satisfied. They choose ease over functionality and ClickSWITCH helps make this move much smoother and painless.

Top results for credit unions included 70% higher conversion rate, 31% increase in debit card transactions and 35% increase in debit card net income. Not only have these credit unions been able to focus on members choosing them as their preferred financial institution but they also continue to enroll new members and keep existing members satisfied with the ease of this product. ClickSWITCH is yet another product offered and integrated through Sharetec that allows our credit union partners to grow and maintain membership.

Carrie Heck, Account Relationship Manager with Sharetec, comments, “We are thrilled that Sharetec’s partnership with ClickSWITCH is benefitting our clients and their members. These positive results are proof of what ClickSWITCH can do for our users.”

If you are interested in ClickSWITCH or any other cost saving, efficiency product, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sharetec.