Training key

There is no question a big part of a new conversion to the Sharetec system or any system for that matter, is training. Although the credit union staff is highly knowledgeable, no one knows how to completely use a new system right after a conversion. Sharetec provides a comprehensive training program and platform that allows credit union staff to learn at their pace.

With that said, what about credit unions that have been on the system for a long time but are not necessarily using all the features or have staff members that want to see if there is a more efficient way to perform a daily task? What about staff changes? What about new technology that comes out? As the credit union technology needs change and new products and services are introduced, there is a need for extensive training. Sharetec offers a comprehensive and ongoing training system that is built to fit each credit union in the most efficient way possible. We understand that new staff members are added or new tools are added that the staff may not know how to use. This is where our platform comes in to play. Lifelong learning is one of the best ways to grow and Sharetec believes this is equally true for making the most out of our system and what it has to offer.

Sharetec provides all credit unions with free training programs to ensure they know all the ins and outs of the system to better serve their members. With this offering, credit unions have reported, an increase in confidence within the staff, improved workflow, and an overall greater efficiency throughout the credit union.

“Our new lending staff received individualized training and were able to work through a loan from start to finish on the demo site without the worry of a member sitting in front of them. The tips and tricks we received along the way gave them the confidence they needed. When completing their training, the staff felt like they had a very strong understanding of the loans Workspace that would have taken weeks of training in our office,” states Jenny Kutz, Manager at Members First Credit Union.

Cindy Duke, CEO of Natco Credit Union states, “We continue to send our staff for additional training as needed. They always come back with new ideas and processes that improve the way we manage the credit union and serve our members."

Free ongoing training at one of the Sharetec offices will not only provide CUs with the information they need to succeed but it will give each staff member the confidence they are using Sharetec to the best of their knowledge. Sharetec continues to add new products and features to better fit the needs of all credit unions and our main focus is to help you succeed and get the most out of your investment and partnership with Sharetec.

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