thank you hanging550

Too often companies use blog posts and other content to promote themselves and their businesses. We use posts to promote new products and how they can help you and your members. We also use posts and content to inform you of industry news and trends. We do all these things as do many other companies but how often do we actually take some time and thank you, our dedicated partners? Well not often enough and definitely not in this space so here it goes, this entire blog post is dedicated to our amazing, wonderful, incredible, awesome credit union partners!

We want to thank you for your continued trust and loyalty to the Sharetec team and system. We are nothing without you and while we understand sometimes things may go wrong or unexpected, our goal and 100% focus is ensuring you and your members are taken care of day in and day out, after all, that is our job! One of our core pillars is to make something better every single day. We are constantly working to improve our processes and to make sure you don’t experience any issues. Over the last 18 months we have hired over 45 people to help make us better. We have invested heavily in infrastructure and processes to ensure smooth operation for our current and new converted credit unions. We are improving our 3rd party vendor list and have over 60 integrations. Our open API takes us to the next level as well. We are doing everything we can to make integrations and migrations seamless so your membership does not feel too much of a change. Again, we are nothing without you and our job is to ensure you are happy.

We want to thank all of our long term partners that have trusted us for over 20 years. We have changed a lot over the years as have you and we could not ask for better partners and we are happy to know that we are doing something right if you all have chosen to stick with us for so many years. To all of our new credit unions, we thank you for trusting us and allowing us to serve you, we believe this is going to be an amazing and fruitful partnership.

We continue to perform our customer satisfaction surveys (quarterly and annual) and we really do take those back to our team and improve on every little note. If we are lacking in a certain area we add talent and resources as needed in order to get us not only up to par but above and beyond. We do not believe in average or good enough. Everyone else focuses on just doing enough to keep their customers, we are a group of talented overachievers that love to please our customers and provide the best level of service available.

Some of the advancements we have made have been to better serve you while cutting costs and increasing efficiency not only for your system but also your staff. Our V10 product (set to be fully developed by summer of 2023) is going to revolutionize the industry and we believe it will be one of the most robust systems available. What makes us and our software different is that it is fully customizable. We know each credit union is different with various needs and we have built our system to scale and to be flexible enough to fit you well. We believe there is no other system out there that is as customizable and flexible as Sharetec.

Again, we want to thank you ALL! We are so grateful to be able to serve such amazing customers and we have loved getting to know some of you over the years. We will continue to put you first and focus on improving. Improvement and growth never stops and we will do whatever it takes.

Thank you! – Sharetec Team