When it comes to financials and member information, credit unions must not and cannot cut any corners whatsoever. This is more important now, more than ever. With increasing tensions and escalation across the world and the increase of cybersecurity threats, credit unions and their staff must take extra precautions and be extra careful when it comes to security. Increasing issues across the globe have led to increased security risks and hacking around the world, most specifically in the US. Cyber criminals are active more than ever before due to the vulnerability and the lack of awareness by companies and consumers.

Many credit unions believe they are doing everything they can especially when they are working with a 3rd party IT and security services provider. While it is very important and valuable to work with a 3rd party provider, this provider usually does not have control over day to day practices and the security measures all credit union staff must take working within the credit union location. All staff members must keep the following in mind:

  • Unique and complex passwords that are changed every 60-90 days
  • Understand that they cannot share or know any other staff members’ passwords or private information
  • Keep member and financial information inside the branch on secure networks
  • Do not visit suspicious or unknown web pages while on the credit union secure network
  • Practice and follow all security protocols and measures
  • Have specific guidelines and safety protocols if anything does happen

It is the job of the credit union IT and management team to ensure all of the above guidelines are being followed and any staff member that violates the above should be consulted and corrected. The financial sector is one of the highest targeted industries as it is directly linked to money. It is the quickest and easiest way for a cybercriminal to attack and succeed.

It is of highest importance that all credit unions and their staff follow security best practices and ensure that cybercriminals do not succeed especially when it comes to member financial information. Set complex passwords and change them frequently, do not share information with anyone and always be safe when using the internet on the credit union’s private secure network. All of these points along with best in class network security, from a reputable 3rd party provider, will ensure your credit union never falls victim to an attack.